Deadpool 2 – I’m more ready for X-Force

I have enjoyed the Deadpool 2 trailers and am excited about Cable just as much as anyone. BUT!!! In 1991 the prime of my comic

Collecting, there was a little, huge team that started called X-Force. And let’s just say. I am an X-Force guru. So, when I saw the clip from trailer of the what appeared to be super hero team led by Deadpool, I immediately knew X-Force.

Numbered below is my guesses on who each of the 6. Yes 6 (one standing directly behind Deadpool) on who each character is. Doubt me, I know I’ll have critics..but. I think I am 80-100 percent on target (no pun intended). So. Here. We. Go.

1. Domino – easy.. glasses. Female

2. Zeitgest – yellow mask? Only other close is Chamber.. but my money is on Zeitgest because he was in 1 episode and was killed in same one. That screams Deadpool huh? Would be great

3. Deadpool – duh

4. ShatterStar – Only Double sword X-Force I know

5. G.W. – (George Washington Bridge) I first thought Forge, then moved to Hammer, then Anarchist before coming back to G.W. Hammer however is cyborg and Anarchist was a big joke. My money is on G.W.

6. Fantomex – All you can see behind Deadpool is a character with White pants. Name another X-Force with white pants. Ok ok. Dr. Nemesis… but I’m going Fantomex. Fantomex it is.

So that’s my guesses! I number the screenshot I took below for your reference. Let me know what you think!


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