Deadpool 2 – I’m more ready for X-Force

I have enjoyed the Deadpool 2 trailers and am excited about Cable just as much as anyone. BUT!!! In 1991 the prime of my comic

Collecting, there was a little, huge team that started called X-Force. And let’s just say. I am an X-Force guru. So, when I saw the clip from trailer of the what appeared to be super hero team led by Deadpool, I immediately knew X-Force.

Numbered below is my guesses on who each of the 6. Yes 6 (one standing directly behind Deadpool) on who each character is. Doubt me, I know I’ll have critics..but. I think I am 80-100 percent on target (no pun intended). So. Here. We. Go.

1. Domino – easy.. glasses. Female

2. Zeitgest – yellow mask? Only other close is Chamber.. but my money is on Zeitgest because he was in 1 episode and was killed in same one. That screams Deadpool huh? Would be great

3. Deadpool – duh

4. ShatterStar – Only Double sword X-Force I know

5. G.W. – (George Washington Bridge) I first thought Forge, then moved to Hammer, then Anarchist before coming back to G.W. Hammer however is cyborg and Anarchist was a big joke. My money is on G.W.

6. Fantomex – All you can see behind Deadpool is a character with White pants. Name another X-Force with white pants. Ok ok. Dr. Nemesis… but I’m going Fantomex. Fantomex it is.

So that’s my guesses! I number the screenshot I took below for your reference. Let me know what you think!


Marvel series order

Hey gang! After being asked several times about certain comic movies and series. I have studied and came to this list of how to watch every Marvel movie or series and in the right order. If you want to be ready for Infinity War and the battle of Thanos. Get ready by watching each of these in this order. For our Marvel fans! Here we go…

Captain America First Avenger


Ironman 2

The Incredible Hulk


Avengers Assemble

Ironman 3

Thor the Dark World

Captain America Winter Soldier

Agents of Shield season 1 (ABC)

Guardians Of the Galaxy

Agents of Shield season 2 (ABC)

Agents of Shield season 3 (ABC)

Guardians of the Galaxy 2

Daredevil season 1 (Netflix)

Jessica Jones (Netflix)

Avengers Age of Ultron

Daredevil season 2(Netflix)

Luke Cage (Netflix)

Iron Fist (Netflix)

Agents of Shield season 4 (ABC)

Agent Carter season 1 (ABC)

The Defenders (Netflix)

Agent Carter season 2 (ABC)

Ant man

Captain America Civil War

Doctor Strange

Inhumans season 1 (ABC)

Spider-Man Homecoming

Runaways season 1 (Hulu)

Thor Ragnarok

The Punisher (Netflix)

Agents of Shield season 5 (ABC)

Black Panther

Now it’s time to get watching!

A Purple kite

Does anyone else remember when McDonald’s had kites? I do.

I remember hearing about it in school. I was young, but old enough to remember what I felt. I felt the excitement of the kite flying in the wind. The thought of the kite took my day and I could not wait until school was over to beg my mom for a Mcdonalds trip.

School lasted forever, or so it seemed. The minutes were hours and the hours were eternity. I couldn’t wait. Then it happened. School bell rang and I ran. I ran so hard down the hall to the car rider line. I could remember thinking about the kite. I hadn’t asked about the kinds of kites. I wasn’t even in the position to ask. I just overheard a conversation.

They had kites at McDonald’s. I saw my mom, driving my dads truck to pick me up. I don’t know why, but I remember. I remember slamming the door. I had thought about how to ask. I’ll clean my room, I’ll do dishes, I’ll do laundry. I’ll do anything. I wanted a kite. So I did it.

I begged my mom to take me to Mcdonalds. It didn’t take much. She must of been hungry. She took me. The anticipation of the kite, the ride there seemed shorter than the school day, but still a long time. We arrived. I wanted a Ronald Mcdonald but I got a Grimace They were sold out of Ronald McDonald.

Grimace was purple. The kite, It was purple…I was upset, but it was ok. I tried for 3 hours to fly it and I never could get it going. It was hard. I was tired. No, I was exhausted…Running around the yard trying to get it to take off and fly. It wouldn’t. Why?

I remember the feeling. I wound my string around the yellow handle and I went inside. I got an Oatmeal creme pie and started playing Nintendo. Contra in fact.

My mom asked me if I liked my kite. I told her yes. I lied. I didnt want to but I had to. I was sad, I felt like a disappointment. I never told my mom different I felt that I was a failure, but inside I know she would of loved me anyway.

Sometimes I think back to that day, the wind, the sky, the time it took me to wrap the string and the purple kite. It was my first real kite and I was excited. I never tried again to fly a kite and Think about it daily. The purple kite. I don’t like purple or Grimace, but I still like kites.

One day I will try again. One day. But not Today.

Wag your tail

I saw a homeless person today.  

I saw a homeless person at the Pilot gas station. When I pulled up to the pump to get gas, he was sitting straight across from me. I could see him. He couldn’t see me. As I sat there and watched him, I noticed he had a companion with him. A sidekick. A partner. A ride or die. You could tell this was his wasn’t a friend, this was his best friend. The way he looked at him. You could tell. This was something special. 

He had a dog. Black and brown and small. Probably smaller than an average dog. But still a dog. He would lean down and pet the dog and every time he touched his little head, the dogs tail would wag. It would wag so hard, it would slap each side of the dogs body every time he would reach down towards him. Right, left, right, left. It slowly became mesmerizing. The mesmerizing motion slowly got me pondering. 

Does the dog know his owner is homeless? Does the dog know he could be sleeping on a warm couch inside a nice house if another person would have taken him in? Does the dog know he could be drinking fresh clean water anytime he wanted in a bowl with his name on it? Does the dog know? The question shouldn’t be does the dog know? But how about Does the dog care?
As more people walk by them sitting on the curb, looking, judging, glaring away. It made me sad. It made me see people who didn’t care. Just like that dog didn’t care where he was at, as long as he was with his owner. Right, left, right, left…The dogs tail continued to wag. Not just periodically, but EVERY single time the homeless man would reach down to him. 

A car pulls up. A woman gets out, she purposely walks the other way away from them. What were others thinking. No one even said hello or gave a head nod. They all looked away, never wanting to make eye contact. Does the dog care about others judging his owner?
The more I pondered as my gas was pumping, the more I thought about Gods love for us. Does God care that we have a 500,000 home? Does God care we have a 75,000 car? Does God care who we know or what we do? Does God care if we are homeless? I think the answer to all the questions is no. Gods love goes beyond that. God doesn’t judge who we are or our worldly status. God only loves. He loves each of us unconditionally without judging. God always watches over us but most importantly, God reaches down to us. 

That man loved that dog. Sitting 20 yards away, you really can’t see it but you can feel it. God loves you , and if you watch other people long enough….you will feel it. When he reaches down. We should wag our tails. Let’s show others God love is hard to explain, but once you feel it. You know it. I challenge you to show others what it feels like. Cast your cares to Jesus And always remember to wag your tail. 

The Deep Abyss

Hello..Hello there dark abyss. Hello there endless darkness. I know you want to devour anything that stumbles as I sit. A random fry, a few pieces of copper and one silver, even a long lost hair bow belonging to my daughter. I see you. I know you are down there. If I mute my podcast, I can hear you. I can hear the hopes and dreams of a thousand people all at the same time. What makes you? What do you do and how do you do it. Why do you want to taunt us with that fear. Do you enjoy it? I know you do. People fear you but say nothing about you. People know you but don’t acknowledge you. You don’t even have a name. You are the unknown. But you. Yes you. You know we will meet. We will meet again and again and again. I bet you laugh an evil laugh. I bet your soul is as cold as a touch from Elsa. Phone Rings. I know you giggle. I am not on hands free so I carefully turn the phone around to see who is calling. I answer. With every pause in my conversation I know you are whispering to me. “That’s mine” you say. I pause and listen closer, but you won’t repeat yourself. Your to smooth for that. I continue to talk while you wait. Waiting so patiently. How do you do it. You slip from my mind like you always do. I am now caught up in a conversation about what’s for dinner. But you already know. You know what you are having. You are having my hopes. My dreams. You are having the enjoyment of my sighs my tears. That’s what you wait for. That’s what you need. 
“Ok. I will be home in a few minutes” as I end my conversation. You are silent. This is your opportunity. This is the time. I reach to hit end. The chain of events are among us. I cannot stop the force. Mis balance. iPhone 6plus reaching with one finger holding in one hand is too much. Just too much. A slight slip, a rotation that is impossible to be recreated. Trying to keep one hand on wheel while the other bobbles you. I see you in the distance as I try to regain what I have lost. Gravity takes over. I can’t do it. Your laugh becomes louder your breathing deepens with each breath. To you …as you look up its in slow motion. Front screen, back screen, front screen back screen. I got this. No I don’t. Yes I do and now you are gone. 
You have used your evil powers once again. There is no way I could do what I just did again. Michael Jordan could not make that shot. You have slipped straight where I didn’t want you to be and now you are out of my sight. 
Leaning, reaching, fingers twitching. Stretching. Swerving to shoulder. Buuurrrbbbuurrr the noise sounds as I hit the rivets on the road. I feel something. That’s not you. What is that. A pack of hot mustard? Where did you go. You have won again. I cannot find you. The abyss has won the darkness has covered you. I know you feel alone. But until I stop, move my seat forward and back sometimes requiring an extra light source… I will have to wait. You will have to be alone. 

I dislike you abyss. But I will prevail. I will get my iPhone soon. I’m almost home.  

Do you think?

Do you think you are alone?

you are wrong

Do you think no one cares who you are?

you are wrong

Do you think you have reached the end?

you are wrong

but wait, I bet you are tired of others telling you that you are wrong all the time aren’t you?

This my friend is the beginning.  The beginning of your new life.  You are in control of what you do.  Drugs? Alcohol? Abusive relationship? None of that can stop you!  Set your mind on the goal.  The goal of controlling your life and being a positive reflection on others. Are you embarrassed? Guess what….it’s ok!  Most people have problems, they just are more fake than you are. Let’s prove them wrong! Let’s show them together that you can get control!  You can do this for no one but yourself!  People are there to help you.  Even if everyone in your family has given up on you, they still love you.  Your friends that you have lied to, done wrong and let an addiction come between you, they still love you.  They want you to win.  I want you to win.  So if you think everyone has given up on you…guess what I am here.  I am here to help you. Matt Black never turns his back. We should help one another as humans. As Gods children walking in his light we should help one and another. You don’t know me.. You don’t have to. I know people that can help you during any struggle. All new people.  People who will not judge you, they just want to help.  I will help you get into those rehabilitation centers. I promise I can do that. All you have to do is ask. Ask Matt Black to help you. Let’s prove everyone wrong.

You are somebody to me.

Keeper of the Damp Cave


Hello there man. Standing there half damp, your advertising bling shirt pressed with khakis. You always have that slight smile on your face…don’t you? Huh .. Do you smile because you are in control? Yes you do. You know it. Right hand up, begin the motion. Left hand up, begin the opposite motion. And then you realize. Stop! You recognize me. Eye contact through the glass. Yeah it’s me. The same one. I’m watching you with an eye that only an eagle would as it gazes on its prey. I see your soul I’m looking so deep. Blue eyes, yep but I see more. Right hand down, left hand down. I see your concern…you know me. You begin to go limp. I’m in control now. It’s me. I’m have control. Should you even point to the next four steps. I said..You know me. You know I am right on track. I’m always flawless. You know I need no direction from you. No slight right, never slight left, don’t even put your hands up..never. You glance over your shoulder you want to point at the sign, the rollers are pulling me closer. Close enough now where you can see my hazel eyes getting bigger. Don’t tell me I need to be in neutral. Why? I’m done there. Don’t tell me to keep hands off steering wheel. Why? Because both hands are now behind my head. Don’t tell me to keep foot off break. Why? Because it’s on the dash. You know me. You continue to stare. As I roll by close enough to roll my window down and give you a fist bump, i don’t. I look back up. I’m ready to enter oh noble one. I live for this hot wax with shine moment. You know me. I just have you a 20 second break. You want to thank me but you won’t. We will meet again in 4 to 7 days. I mouth the words…as if in slow motion. T h a n k Y o u… time is now. Pull out iPhone for 60 seconds of relaxation before the vacuuming begins.

These Crabtree Chronicles by me will continue. Stay tuned for your next epic status post adventure.

The Number that’s not just a Number


Hello there numerical digit. Oh your not just any number are you? Your the first. The first number in an infinite string of numerical bliss. If settling to be the number 1 wasn’t good enough for you and your all mighty highness…they made you red. Not just a normal red…but a deep, heart throbbing, soul taking, blood like red. Who are you? Who is hiding behind your shining glory. Are you a wishful approval of an earlier link about the snow fall before Thanksgiving? Are you a reply to my ultimate check in at the local Grocery store? I don’t know, but you are there, I must check…soon. Sooner than later, because I know my fate if I don’ will transform to a 2, then a 3. I have to know. You are hard to touch with the same hand I hold my device with, but you will not get away..I have another. Left hand up, pointer finger extended. 6 inches away…5…4…3…2.. No one call, no one need anything from me for one more second. One more small moment. I can feel the screen, the heat sensors accepting my digit. What friend awaits…..sweat drops…comment?…like?… What, Who, are you? /sigh …… invite….disappointment sets in.

The Slave called Flash


Hello there laying in the bottom of the drawer. Wandering when will it be your turn. You dream of sticking out the side proudly ready to help move needed items from one to another. A transporter you are. I use you. You lay dormant when I don’t need you. Your mere existence forgotten, shunned, not needed…..until ready, always knowing there will come a time when I will need you. When I do you are there. That time is now. You must have the room, you must make the room. Most people don’t really understand the room, your size..what does that mean. I do. I appreciate you. Pop the cap, twist the end, flip around, or are you solid state. As I place you closer, I anticipate. Anticipate the ding. The ding I only hear when you are ready. Then I use you. Right Click Copy, Right Click Paste. Im Done. You have fulfilled your obligation. But now comes the horror. I cannot wait, not one more second, I can not wait, why should I properly eject. I don’t even know what that means….I begin to laugh under my breath, knowing that ding is coming again. I tell you I will refuse…refuse to properly… I never treat you proper. I scream No. Then I unplug. Ding. I hear you. Is it a cry from not being disconnected properly, or joy from being done. I don’t know. i don’t care. Give me the error, tell me to eject properly next time..guess what..I won’t. Why. Why… because you have my file saved and ready for transport. That is what I care about. File is transferred and back to the desk you go. They call you Flash for a reason. You flash my Heart with transfer greatness. As for the removal who cares.

The Three Eyed Monster


Hello three eyed monster hanging in the distance. I see you and all of your green shining Glory. You are still a good distance away from me, but I know we see each other. 3 eye to 2 eye …contact. I begin to hear your evil laugh rumbling as if you are sitting next to me. I am going 45 miles per hour. You know my braking distance…you must…all you see are cars all day long with the occasional worker in a box lift to change your bulbs. You begin your evil plot, your evil scheme, we both know what your plans are. You are no longer a friendly light, but one who is out for vengeance.

Foot on pedal, increase speed to 50. You are not winning, I am. I am watching your every green led glare. There is no way the turning time has reached its end. 40 yards green, heavy breathing, 30 yards green, I got this, 20 yards green eyes glare, I sit up in my seat. Then laughs turns to hate…hate leads to..

Yellow!!!! Brake , Gas Pedal, back to break, do I stop, Go, stop no! Go go go…emotions pour, anxiety sets in, tense legs, heart pounds,looking for cameras…Punch it! Punch it! Change, rear view glance… Flash! Flash!

You win again, until next time my fake friend..until next time.