Monthly Archives: October 2015

The Deep Abyss

Hello..Hello there dark abyss. Hello there endless darkness. I know you want to devour anything that stumbles as I sit. A random fry, a few pieces of copper and one silver, even a long lost hair bow belonging to my daughter. I see you. I know you are down there. If I mute my podcast, I can hear you. I can hear the hopes and dreams of a thousand people all at the same time. What makes you? What do you do and how do you do it. Why do you want to taunt us with that fear. Do you enjoy it? I know you do. People fear you but say nothing about you. People know you but don’t acknowledge you. You don’t even have a name. You are the unknown. But you. Yes you. You know we will meet. We will meet again and again and again. I bet you laugh an evil laugh. I bet your soul is as cold as a touch from Elsa. Phone Rings. I know you giggle. I am not on hands free so I carefully turn the phone around to see who is calling. I answer. With every pause in my conversation I know you are whispering to me. “That’s mine” you say. I pause and listen closer, but you won’t repeat yourself. Your to smooth for that. I continue to talk while you wait. Waiting so patiently. How do you do it. You slip from my mind like you always do. I am now caught up in a conversation about what’s for dinner. But you already know. You know what you are having. You are having my hopes. My dreams. You are having the enjoyment of my sighs my tears. That’s what you wait for. That’s what you need.
“Ok. I will be home in a few minutes” as I end my conversation. You are silent. This is your opportunity. This is the time. I reach to hit end. The chain of events are among us. I cannot stop the force. Mis balance. iPhone 6plus reaching with one finger holding in one hand is too much. Just too much. A slight slip, a rotation that is impossible to be recreated. Trying to keep one hand on wheel while the other bobbles you. I see you in the distance as I try to regain what I have lost. Gravity takes over. I can’t do it. Your laugh becomes louder your breathing deepens with each breath. To you …as you look up its in slow motion. Front screen, back screen, front screen back screen. I got this. No I don’t. Yes I do and now you are gone.
You have used your evil powers once again. There is no way I could do what I just did again. Michael Jordan could not make that shot. You have slipped straight where I didn’t want you to be and now you are out of my sight.
Leaning, reaching, fingers twitching. Stretching. Swerving to shoulder. Buuurrrbbbuurrr the noise sounds as I hit the rivets on the road. I feel something. That’s not you. What is that. A pack of hot mustard? Where did you go. You have won again. I cannot find you. The abyss has won the darkness has covered you. I know you feel alone. But until I stop, move my seat forward and back sometimes requiring an extra light source… I will have to wait. You will have to be alone.

I dislike you abyss. But I will prevail. I will get my iPhone soon. I’m almost home.