About Matt Black

Everyone has that super hero that they like the most. Maybe you would dream as a kid about flying like Superman, shooting webs like Spiderman or talking to the fish like Aquaman. Ok that is a stretch, I don’t think Aquaman was man peoples favorite heroes. Yeah it was probably cool to ride on the backs of dolphins, but if the villain just stayed on land it was tough! My favorite character was Batman. I think I was attracted to Batman because he wasn’t an alien from another planet, or he wasn’t chosen by the Gods and given powers, it was because he was Bruce. Yeah that is right… he was Bruce, just an ordinary guy with a whole lot of money to buy cool bat mobiles, armor sets and weapons for his belt like batarangs! So you are probably wondering why I went through all that just to answer the question…. who is matt black?

The answer is he is Matt. Not a rich billionaire or spider bitten student, but just Matt. So what is so great about Mr. Black? It’s simple….. He wants to help. Just like any superhero would. He wants to help with everyday issues, problems and struggles. He wants to give you that smile when your down, that up lifting boost from a bible verse, and that help you need with that computer struggle to make it easier on you. There is a Matt Black in all of us, willing to help others for the good of life!

All great superhero stories have a begining and hopefully not a quick end. Without faith and imagination I dont know where I would be. Life is a great journey and now with open blog sites, anyone can have a sketch pad for it. My blog starts with Mr. Black, like i said…he is just a normal guy that wants to help others in any way that he can. With my faith in God for guidance and support I would love to share smiles with my blog site readers.

So whether you learn something new with my tons of useless information or get a little giggle from something I talk about, I hope you enjoy the browse. May God Bless you daily and thanks for dropping in 🙂

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