The Three Eyed Monster


Hello three eyed monster hanging in the distance. I see you and all of your green shining Glory. You are still a good distance away from me, but I know we see each other. 3 eye to 2 eye …contact. I begin to hear your evil laugh rumbling as if you are sitting next to me. I am going 45 miles per hour. You know my braking distance…you must…all you see are cars all day long with the occasional worker in a box lift to change your bulbs. You begin your evil plot, your evil scheme, we both know what your plans are. You are no longer a friendly light, but one who is out for vengeance.

Foot on pedal, increase speed to 50. You are not winning, I am. I am watching your every green led glare. There is no way the turning time has reached its end. 40 yards green, heavy breathing, 30 yards green, I got this, 20 yards green eyes glare, I sit up in my seat. Then laughs turns to hate…hate leads to..

Yellow!!!! Brake , Gas Pedal, back to break, do I stop, Go, stop no! Go go go…emotions pour, anxiety sets in, tense legs, heart pounds,looking for cameras…Punch it! Punch it! Change, rear view glance… Flash! Flash!

You win again, until next time my fake friend..until next time.

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