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Matt Black vs The Jersey Devil

I was reading about weird sports teams names and didn’t realize that the New Jersey hockey team was named after a mythological creature named The Jersey Devil. I was intrigued by this story and had to look it up. So now I want you to be disappointed with me. Of all the great Jersey artists… you mean to tell me a flying camel headed skinny gargoyle..complete with tiny hoofs is all someone could come up with? If I was from Jersey I would demand a redraw

you can click here for full devil wiki


Matt Black vs Internet Posters

Ok I think anyone who reads any news article, then reads the comments below it will be with me on this one….lol


Black Out…

Facebook Reality Check


Life is like a crane machine

Don’t act like you haven’t been there Dads of the world…that 1.00 item in the crane machine that you spend 5 dollars on it because you know the next 50 cents is going to make the difference and you will become the super dad! Well I was so close to that honor, when I hook the pink arm bands in the only spot that they could possibly get stuck…….sigh…


Soon Pastasauraus Soon….