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Gratuity don’t forget it…

Grateful, what a lovely word.

A friend of mine shared a couple news articles with me that I found very interesting. The articles were stories about a horrific event. An event so horrible it would make anyone feel sympathetic. As I was reading them with grief in my heart, I couldn’t help but notice how many times I was seeing the word Grateful or a reference to it.

How could this be? Grateful is defined as .. To be deeply appreciative of kindness or being its received, to be thankful. How could anyone be greatful about anything or even be thinking about thankfulness to anyone at such a time of great sorrow. Every reporter, every interview, every sentence, every word….all with the general feel of gratuity. Why?

Why not anger for the answer? Why not inquisitive on who did what wrong? Why not hate?

Anytime I ask why enough, I go to the bible, and I then get a better understanding of what I am searching for. So as I was questioning how can someone be grateful at such a horrible time, I finally did it. I wanted the answer so I prayed and researched the Holy word. Of course I found something…

Colossians 3:17 – And whatsoever ye do in word or deed, [do] all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God for everything.

That helped me. That verse helped me understand that God has a plan. A plan for each of us and to give thanks and be greatful for all we do. To have faith in him and to give him the glory because we don’t understand his plan.

Do the right thing. No matter how you may feel about the issue. Just do the right thing. Turn to God and ask for his direction in prayer. He is always there for you. He will lead you in the direction that you need to go. And when you get there don’t forget to stop and say thank you. Thank you for the love, compassion and warmth that he is always watching over us and will guide us if we have faith in him.

Life is about moments. Good, bad, happy or sad. We all have moments. Make of them what you wish, but remember be thankful. Noone may ever know what road you traveled to get to the moment where you realize that we are not in control, but when you get a glimpse,,,,just a glimpse of Gods love for others, why not be grateful? Be greatful and show thankfulness to others because God is always with us during every moment.

I will never have the opportunity to meet you here, but I did get to know those around you. The loved ones that cared for you regardless of your faults. I am thankful for the new friendships and with the lessons this incident has taught me. The reminder of living for God and having faith in his path.

Lead with love, compassion and gratuity but always remember … We work for God.

Thanks for the reminder:-)

To love as he loves us….

I would like to stretch out of the norm for a minute of usually useless information that I am know for sharing to share something that touched my heart this morning. I call it a good reminder of the meaning of love.

 On my way to work a side job this morning I got stopped by a red-light.  My first thought was dang, I could have made it! As i abruptly stopped my car before the line, I slowly looked up at the light.  It was one of those times that for the first few seconds after you stop,  you realize how far under the light you are and have to lean forward just to see the light.  Well I had to do just that.  As I mumbled in my head about my decision of stopping, something caught my eye and my heart.

I was not far from an low income government subsidized apartment community that some would call run down, dirty, old, ugly and probably more derogatory words.  Truth be known, I have probably thought those same thoughts before having to remind myself to not be judgmental.  As these thoughts ran through my head of the times that I had been in that apartment community, and the bad things I had seen with my own eyes, Spiderman got my attention.  

This Spiderman was on the back of a new, clean backpack of a little boy being carried by his mother walking.  She had him all bundled up with a jacket and a toboggan, with gloves and holding him tight against her chest.  This is a congested area of work commuters, that probably are not paying attention to what is going on around them…just as I was, until Spiderman captured my heart.

As I sat there and waited, I looked over to the car beside of me.  This mother still carrying the love of her life was now in front of this car as the light turned green.  I saw the look in the drivers eye .. it was as if I could hear what he was saying in his mind.  Almost like a thought bubble over his head…..Hurry up woman! Gosh I am late! This Starbucks coffee is horrible this morning! Dang i wish this woman would hurry!… As I looked back away from the driver, The loving mother holding her proud Spiderman was now almost in front of my car.  She made eye contact with me and knew she was in the intersection at a bad time with the light turning.  I motioned her to pass in front of my car without hesitation.  At this point, my heart was filling with enough love to get out and stop the whole intersection myself.  The look she gave back was a thank you.  With heartache in her eye from the daily stresses of life, I thought to myself .. Who are you? What is your story? What are you doing?

She passed my car and made it to the corner, where I saw her stand under the KAT bus pick up sign.  That is when I realized what she was doing.  I began to pull through the intersection and looked through my rear view mirror.  She was still holding him, but he had turned his head to look back at the intersection.  The innocence in his face screamed at me.  It Screamed, this is my mommy.  She takes care of me.  She holds me close when it is cold and puts on extra clothes along with my gloves to keep my hands warm.  She makes sure I put on my Spiderman backpack for daycare and I know she loves me.  

I continued to think.  The mother was dressed as if she was working, and her son was dressed as if for daycare, no old enough for school.  Emotions flooded my heart with how this little boy doesn’t know struggles or pain that the woman holding him is going through.  The pain having to ride a bus to her work, and not having a car.  He doesn’t understand why he has to get up a little earlier than other kids, so they can make the nearly half mile walk from his apartments to get on that bus.  At this point, He doesn’t know that there is any difference in his run down playground, than the playground at McDonalds. All he knows is that he is loved.  He has friends that he loves to play with, He has a soft pillow for bed time and he has a mother who bought him an awesome Spiderman Backpack. Love, that is what he knows.

I said a quick prayer for that mother.  A prayer for strength and for God to show her that she is doing great.  That life throws curve balls, and from the love I saw in 45 seconds, she is doing everything right.  

It reminded me of Gods love for his children.  For all of us.  She held him tight, she was keeping him warm, and she was caring for all his needs to the best of her ability.  Just as God Loves us, holds us and is with us regardless of where we live, or what we do.

It was a humble reminder that our God is an awesome God.

John 13:34-35

“A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another, even as I have loved you, that you also love one another. “By this all men will know that you are My disciples, if you have love for one another.”


Matt Black vs Bad things happening to good people

Life is a book

I often ask myself, Why does bad things happen to good people? I was recently reading a post where a guy was questioning God and how he felt like he had turned his back on God because there was never a reason why all these bad things were happening to him. It was a very sad story which I will not sit here and retell in my own words, but it did make me thing to do this next blog entry.

Have you ever asked yourself Why me? I think we all have and if you tell yourself that you have not then you probably are just lying to yourself. I probably have done this a thousand times. I seem to be the kind of guy that tries to do the right things in life, but sometimes things back fire. So like usual, I try to pray about my problems and look for scripture in the Bible about how. Right off there were several verses that discuss not understand God plans, and to walk with faith and to try and not question Gods will. There were verses on compassion and caring and love. I didnt find one verse that I just had to talk about, but I did find a couple that help me make sense of things.

The first being John 16:33 “You will have suffering in this world” hmm, I don’t see a may have or possibly have or even a might. He says it is going to happen. So knowing it is going to happen how can we get our minds around horrible events like mass shootings in schools or illness and death to children. Or maybe even personal questions like Why did I loose my job, or why did my family abandon me. It is all very complex and easy to ask out. I don’t think I can stand in anyone elses shoes and give a complete answer to any of those questions, as no one else can either. We dont have Gods mind, we dont see with Gods eyes. Which brings me to my second verse Corinthians 13:12 says “Now we see things imperfectly, like puzzling reflections in a mirror, but then we will see everything with perfect clarity. All that I know now is partial and incomplete, but then I will know everything completely, just as God no knows me completely” Pretty deep huh? I think so.

So in a nut shell I think God is telling us, we will never know the answer to that questions and to try not to question it. Just have faith that he will deliver us from the pain and suffering and one day when we are in Heaven we may understand things more clearly. I read a story when I was researching this and thought to myself it made since.

God is Love. We have all heard this, and through his faith we find love. The more we seek it, the more it comes around. I find that the more I do out of my true heart and emotions without being fake or trying to impress others, the better outcome in everything associated with it. If we were programed to say I love you, then would it really be love? Almost like that creepy doll every kid has that you pull a string and it says “I love you” Do those dolls love you? Of course not. It was programmed to say those words. To really experience love,that doll would need to have been able to choose love, to see hurt and pain and understand what they are. It would also need to feel those different emotions to understand it. So in order for us to experience love, God gave us free will.

Our life experiences show us good, and unfortunately bad. We know the difference and it builds our hearts stronger to live for God and to do the right things. Generally speaking if you try to live your life right, you will feel better about yourself.

I try to think of life as a book. If you pick up a book and read a chapter, or a few pages from the middle, there is no way you would understand it. To read it from start to finish, then there comes understanding. How do we know our entire story, until it is complete? We dont and wont. God is still writing it. If you live your life with love and compassion and glory to God, I feel your book maybe easier to get through than others, but trust me bad things will happen. There is no answer for that on this world, but remember to do the things that make those bad issues easier. Love God. Pray and pray often. There will always be bad parts to a book, but living your life for God will bring more good.

Matt black vs The Darkest Night

“Innocent people, ear piercing screams and chaos, there is no where to turn..but to God”

Psalm 46:1 (KJV) ” God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble “.

I actually was one of the many that was at the premier for The Dark Knight thursday night, at the same time the horrific events were unfolding in Aurora Colorado. I found out via a movie goer about the shooting after the midnight show. I immediately looked it up and read the preliminary articles about this nightmare. A nightmare full of innocent movie goers and a mad man.

I started thinking about all the people around me, the smiling faces, outbursts of laughter, excitement in their faces ( mine included, being a dark knight fan ). And then it hit me, these were the same faces with all the same emotions that the movie goers at the Century 16 were wearing .. until some evil coward violently ripped all the fun and excitement from the bowels of their souls. The aftermath turning a family fun theatre into a nightmare so violent, you couldn’t even screen into a horror flick. My heart flushed and filled with pain as if it had been pierced with sharp knife, the sorrow i felt for the people connected to this massacre was overwhelming. I immediately prayed to God to give these people peace in a time of such mass confusion.

I remember taking a psychology classes in college and yesterday dove back into research mode about the profiles of people who commit such violent crimes. The bulk of the research that has studied the psychology and motivation of people who have committed this type of crime, defined as “mass killings” that take place usually in broad daylight or in a public place, where the victims are not specifically chosen and are generally strangers. Most ending in the gunman turning the weapon on himself.

As I researched these kind of heartless people i found according to a study of adolescent mass murderers (who killed over three people), they are most often white males (79%) with a median age of 17, and they have a history of reclusive behavior as opposed to violent behavior. The majority of them were reported to be people who kept to themselves, often focusing more on books, dreams, and brooding inside their inner worlds than real social connections with their fellow students, friends and families. The site i read this on said this study is based on multiple source data gathered about 27 incidents of this kind, between 1955 and 1999.

This type of mass murderers are grouped under the “pseudocommando” category. I learned pseudocommando refers to murderers who come to a public place, prepared with a full arsenal of weapons, and are generally moved by revenge fantasies, on account of feelings of powerlessness and humiliation.

It seemed that the shooter fell into several of the categories that us as the general public can read on various reporting websites. I don’t really want to know much about him other than how can we prevent future incidents, and how to help handle the events in our hearts that are still aching with sorrow.

Will we ever know the true meanings of why people do such horrible things? I am confident the answer is no. All we can do is try to educate ourselves on the make up of the majority of these kinds of evil people, and combat it with knowledge, but most importantly prayer and our faith in God. As any horrific event being covered in the media, it will slowly become a news story of the past, with the coverage going from every hour to none at all. I try to take situations like this and go to the bible for strength and answers to my questions, when I feel like they are none.

Of course the popular bible verses poped up first in my research such as 1. Psalm 46:1 “God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble.”. And this is so true, he is there for us when we don’t even realize it. I love that verse and think of it when I am in a dangerous work situation, or somewhere that I feel alone or even scared. The more I looked at different verses, the more I kept going back to

Psalm 40:1-3 (NIV) “I waited patiently for the Lord; he turned to me and heard my cry. He lifted me out of the slimy pit, out of the mud and mire; he set my feet on a rock and gave me a firm place to stand. He put a new song in my mouth, a hymn of praise to our God. Many will see and fear and put their trust in the Lord.”

Reading this verse, it gave me another perspective. God will touch many lives from this horrific incident, and who knows how many people will turn toward God, because he is always there. He will be there for these families and individually help them get through this time in their life. Heroic stories will start to come to life after the initial news gets information on all the events. You will read how people helped one another out of the theatre, how strangers held hands and prayed, how injured people were helped by people they were standing next to in the popcorn line. How officers transported victims themselves in patrol cars, when there was not enough ambulance services to provide help to all the injured. You will hear the stories of the victims that did not make it out… The students, the teachers, the military men and women. Mothers, fathers, daughters and sons that never got a chance to be with their loved ones again. But you will hear how they had touched peoples lives before theirs was so violently taken away. We will tear up in our eyes and see ow they will be remembered and loved, with their memories. We will pick up the pieces, policies and security measures will change, and the ripple effect will go on for months. After all is said and done, it will come back again to God and his unconditional love. The constant reminder to do the right things, trust in one another, pray daily and most importantly never overlook friendships of people you have contact with. When will our last day be here? No one knows the answer. So why do we live our lives so selfishly? I encourage you to pray for the families and reach out to help others around you. Tell your others what they mean to you, and live life to the fullest, remembering God is in control.

I also hope you will embrace positivity, show others we love them as a brother or sister in Christ. We never know what tommorrow will bring, or if tommorrow will ever come at all.

May God bless us all.

Blacks Out…

Matt Black vs Traffic, wasps and of course a flock of geese.

“”Throughout our story we call life, we will never know how much God protects us”. MB

What a great day for a walk…or is it. With the temperatures soaring up over the hundred mark, I wanted to get out early and take my little angel for a walk. Not only for some exercise, and to get her outside for a minute, but to also give my loving wife a break, who does twice more than other mothers I know). This decision to go for a walk was a good one, because it inspired me to make this entry into my blog.

Grabbing the stroller and buckling my little bit in, I can see the excitement in her face! She knows she is going on a stroll, because we try to take her on strolls as much as we can. I push her to the front glass door as she pears out looking into the great outdoor abyss and what wonders what her stroll will bring her today!

As I lift her down the two front stairs and start down the driveway…vroom vroom, a big truck passes by as her hand raises and points to it driving up the street. She looks at me and back at the truck, so excitedly it makes me smile. Making our way down the sidewalk, a loud boom comes from construction workers down the road, she immediately throws her hand up as to wave at the worker, he smiles and of course waves back. I giggle inside thinking of the joke i read once that says, when a two year old hands you a play phone…you answer it! He couldnt resist the little wave either. I nod my head at him, acknowledging he had done the right thing, and i appreciated his child like wave. We are now to the walking trail and her sights are aimed high, she is looking back and forth at the bushes, and the trees blowing in the wind, when she catches a glimpse of a wasp flying near, she reaches out to grab the cute, tiny flying bird ( in her eyes) as it flies away. We continue walking when that hand comes up and points again. What do you see I say in a childish voice that I later hoped no one was close enough to hear me. She points again. She has found a flock of geese standing to the side of the trail. As they hiss at her and start to come towards her wings opened wide, she cackles and laughs, so funny those fowl are!

We continue our walk with the geese in the background and she hears loud music coming from a passing car. Rap music that said a few explicit words (just music to her) and she clapped. Clapping led to our patty cake song, as we continued back to the house. She went back and forth looking at everything as if she had never seen it before, as I watched for oncoming traffic before crossing the road.

I bring her into the cool house as it was getting warmer outside and she looks up at me with her two little round eyes and without saying anything, I know she was thinking. Thanks Daddy:-)

I joked with my wife about the wasp and the geese and thought to myself about the beauties of life and how God watches over us even when we don’t realize it just as I had watched over my child on our morning stroll. Isnt that a good feeling? God watches over us.

Did she know the danger of the big speeding truck? The pain of a wasp sting, or even the fear of a goose protecting its young with a loud hiss and wing spread. The answer is simple. No. she didn’t because she didn’t have to. Big daddy was pushing her and making sure no bad things happened to her. I saw the wasp before it got close, I knew the geese would do that before I even strolled by them, and the truck and traffic was obvious, I was watching that without even thinking about it.

This reminded me of how God watches over us and delivers us from evil, even when we don’t realize it. How easy is it to blame God or ask God why, when something bad happens to us? It’s very easy! At those times we need to remind ourselves to be humble and thankful for all the evil we was protected from and didn’t even know it.

2 Thessalonians 3:3 but God is faithful, he will strengthen you and protect you from evil.

pray for strength in your faith for God, live every day to its fullest and remember he is always there.

Matt Black and the Loving Mother

Isaiah 66:13 “As a mother comforts her child, so I will comfort you; and you will be comforted over Jerusalem.”

The love of a mother…

It is tough sometimes to swallow guys, but we all know it’s true…sometimes they just need their mommy. That is ok by me, good Dads are important sometimes also! I found this video online and had to share it with you. The index card phase is popular, but this made my eyes water. Parents of children will understand what she is feeling. Watch her true emotions in her face…so gorgeous!

Being the person God knows

As I began looking for my next Sunday Chronicle with Matt Black it came across to just open my heart and relax and let God guide my way. So I did. I began reading some Bible versus on a web site that I enjoy and came across

Proverbs 10:9. The man of integrity walks securely….but he who takes crooked paths will be found out.

When I read that it really stood out to me, and reminded me of a few things. It is easy in this world to get tied up in gossip, rumors, drama and find yourself worrying about things that we probably should not. I realize that is hard to do and easy to say, but let’s be realistic. Have you ever went into anything with a negative mind set, in a down and out way just hoping to get by? I think we all have, and we also know that it probably didn’t turn out as well as we expected. Have we ever stopped to think…I wonder how others see us? What do they think? Do we try and act in a way that makes God happy? Do we witness with our actions as well as our words that come from the heart? Tough questions huh?

I would like to start off by saying I am by no means perfect, and have many faults that only my poor wife knows about and helps me with, which I appreciate more than she will ever know. I don’t think anyone is perfect and there is only one man who has walked on water! We will make mistakes, just get that through your head…but don’t forget it is what you do with those mistakes that make you the person you are. I have said things and done things that I wish I could take back. I have hurt feelings, broken hearts and really done silly things. I can never get those things back, but just pray for forgiveness and hope on the average I do ok!

I am a believer in positive thinking and positive acting. The more you try and do what is right the more it will show the person you are, and also show who you want to be. People see who you are and are not fooled by fake. Eventually your fake will run off and your true colors will shine through. Who will be there then? You hurt your friends, your family and yourself! God will always be there waiting for you to turn back to him with open arms. Our God is a wonderful God and is always there for us. When we make these mistakes people notice. Not only the people you hurt, but the people that are around you. The way you talk, the places you go, the things you talk about in mixed company all effect the way you are perceived. Do we not want to be perceived as a christian? Do we not want to please God in everything we do? Once again so easy to say…harder to do!

I feel like sometimes we take things personal and try to digg at it find answers when they are none. At those times are when we should say a quick prayer for strength and to ask God to walk with us, beside us to help. We are all human, we will make these mistakes but try to remain positive. God know your heart. He understands you. He knows what kind of real person you are. Why not try and show others the true you? The loving, caring true you? It will affect everyone around you in a positive way. I challenge you to make a change to forgive and forget. Give your heart back to the man who made it. Show this new you to others. It will not be easy and just try to take baby steps. Start off with trying to be more friendly to strangers, or maybe say a thank you sometime when you normally would not. How bout an extra I love you to that special person n your life.

If you are truely living for God, things will happen… I promise! If your heart is not right, nothing else will be. That is the challenging part, to make sure you re-dedicate your heart and try to get through another day.

It is never to late to change who you are on the inside and out. Witness to others that Christians are strong, but never perfect. Be humble admit mistakes, pray the bad away and start again the next day. People will see things in you that you don’t notice. Think about how many people you come in contact with in one day. Remind yourself do that and try to do the right things, because the bad comes out so easy for people to see. The good is overlooked a lot.

Wouldn’t everyone agree that life is to short to not be happy? Reach out, smile, love and live for God!

Thank you)

Thank you God for Ben Breedlove…

The more I think about this video, the more I feel like I should share it. I hope the more people that see this story, the more it will warm hearts all over the world.

On December 18, 2011, Ben Breedlove released a 2-part video on YouTube, entitled “This is my story.” Using note cards, he explained about his heart condition, as well as the impact it had on his life. He also mentioned three near-death experiences. “I was at school, walking in the hall. I could tell I was going to faint, so I sat on a bench. I passed out. The next thing I know, I woke up with EMS around me. I couldn’t talk or move, I could only watch what they were doing. They put the shock pads on my chest. I heard one of them say ‘They are ready’. And the other guy said ‘Go!’. I passed out again. My heart stopped and I wasn’t breathing for 3 minutes.” Breedlove on the third time he “cheated death”.

In the video, Breedlove describes the first time he “cheated” death, which was at the age of 4 when he had a life-threatening seizure. He goes on to describe an experience he had in a hospital while being wheeled on a stretcher, “There was this big bright light above me … I couldn’t make out what is was because it was so bright. I told my mom, ‘Look at the bright light’ and pointed up. She said she didn’t see anything.”

On May 3, 2009, Breedlove underwent surgery to insert a pacemaker. The pacemaker helped regulate his heart beat and gave him more energy. In the video he shows a red scar on his chest, where the pacemaker had been inserted.

In the summer of 2011, Breedlove fell into his second cardiac arrest, while in the hospital for a routine tonsillectomy. He stated that, “It was a miracle that they brought me back … I was scared to die, but am SO glad I didn’t. The third time Breedlove survived death was on December 6, 2011. While in the hall at Westlake High School, he felt that he was going to faint, so he sat down on a bench where he then passed out. The next thing he recollects is being surrounded by emergency medical services (EMS) personnel, and that he was unable to speak or move. He remembers passing out a second time after being resuscitated with a “shock pad”. During this time his heart ceased pumping blood for three minutes. While unconscious, Breedlove had a feeling of comfort similar to that of his first near-death experience. He recalls being dressed up in a white suit while standing alongside his favorite rap artist, Kid Cudi, in a white room. He asks at the end of the video, ” Do you believe in Angels or God?” and simply answers, “I Do.”

Breedlove died from a cardiac arrest on the evening of Christmas Day, 2011, at his parents’ home as family and friends were gathering for Christmas dinner. According to Ben’s school friend, he had received a new video camera for Christmas and was anxious to get outside and try it. While outside, he began experiencing shortness of breath and light headedness. Breedlove layed down in the yard then passed out. His parents called 911 and administered CPR until EMS arrived. Friends of the family were on their way to the Breedlove home to share Christmas dinner with them. However, when they arrived the yard was filled with emergency vehicles. Paramedics rushed Ben to the hospital, but all resuscitation attempts failed.

I believe Ben Breedloves story is more than just a story, I feel God used his life to tell us he is here with us, and heaven awaits us who believe and try to live our lives for the Lord. I hope you enjoy this video. Make sure to watch his facial expressions, I since truthfulness in him. With a name like Breedlove, and his story ending on Christmas day……breathtaking.

Thank you God for the reminders that you are with us….

I want you to wear something tommorrow…..

The beauty about God is that you never know when he will put something on your heart that may help others. Last Sunday I was motivated to give a weekly devotion to God under Matt Blacks Sunday chronicles. When I did my post last Sunday, it was natural and felt good and I had all kinds of ideas and thoughts in my head about what to talk about. This Sunday I couldn’t figure out why I couldn’t figure out what I wanted to blog about, so I didn’t. I now know that it didn’t come to my heart about what to talk about until today when God gave me a friend who thought he was calling me for help with his problem, but in reality he was helping me.

We began talking about the pure evil in the world and how can some people be so cruel. Not only how can they be that bad, but how can we help ourselves with the thoughts and nightmares that may come with the introduction of this evil. I told him that prayer and faith in God to help him through the hard times is the only true answer, but it is not that easy sometimes. Sometimes you really have to buckle down and stay strong and know that not only do we live for God but we work for God also. God is the ultimate boss and he knows these times when it is tough because he knows us, and what we will go though before we even know it’s happening. As I browsed through bible versus about strength and being strong when you feel weak, I found the famous armor of God verse. And thought to myself, the answer is easy try to put on your armor of God, not just when you think you will need it, but how about putting it on every day to be ready for the tough times you may face. Be prepared, pray harder when things are going well and remind yourself that the devil is always around and he will try to sneak upon you. Be prepared for that, because you know it is coming.

I wish I would have told you this before I let you go off the phone, but I will say it now. Every morning I will put one leg in my pants at a time, and remember to put on my Godly armor as well because we never know what monsters we will face today. Remember those monsters are just Satans minions trying to get to you, and make you weak. Don’t let it!

Funny thing about about typing the word Satans is that auto correct wanted to change it to satin, how sweet is that. Satan is not even tough enough to be his own correct spelled word.

Satan is a chump, and I am not afraid to say it, because you know what I am wearing…do you have yours on? Put it on daily with prayer and we will fight together my friend…..God bless…


Praying the bad away

How easy is it to get mad at someone? Everyone will get angry about something today, and what will they do with the anger? I try to pray my anger away as a Christian and hope to find peace in my prayers and it works! God is the only way, and I know that in my heart. With the evil that is in this world sometimes you begin to ask the question why did this happen, or how could this happen? We will probably never be able to answer that question, and will have to turn to faith.

If you look on any news site today, you will see that there are a lot of bad people in this world doing very bad things. I have had my own battles with not just bad guys, but with close friends saying hurtful things. It is easy to get mad and turn away, but what if we prayed…prayed even for the people who hurt us, or hurt someone we love. Seems very hard at the time, but give it a try. Try to remember the power of prayer and practice it daily. Think of it as praying the bad away.