The Slave called Flash


Hello there laying in the bottom of the drawer. Wandering when will it be your turn. You dream of sticking out the side proudly ready to help move needed items from one to another. A transporter you are. I use you. You lay dormant when I don’t need you. Your mere existence forgotten, shunned, not needed…..until ready, always knowing there will come a time when I will need you. When I do you are there. That time is now. You must have the room, you must make the room. Most people don’t really understand the room, your size..what does that mean. I do. I appreciate you. Pop the cap, twist the end, flip around, or are you solid state. As I place you closer, I anticipate. Anticipate the ding. The ding I only hear when you are ready. Then I use you. Right Click Copy, Right Click Paste. Im Done. You have fulfilled your obligation. But now comes the horror. I cannot wait, not one more second, I can not wait, why should I properly eject. I don’t even know what that means….I begin to laugh under my breath, knowing that ding is coming again. I tell you I will refuse…refuse to properly… I never treat you proper. I scream No. Then I unplug. Ding. I hear you. Is it a cry from not being disconnected properly, or joy from being done. I don’t know. i don’t care. Give me the error, tell me to eject properly next time..guess what..I won’t. Why. Why… because you have my file saved and ready for transport. That is what I care about. File is transferred and back to the desk you go. They call you Flash for a reason. You flash my Heart with transfer greatness. As for the removal who cares.

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