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Matt Black vs Itouch Parental Controls

I have been thinking about internet safety and realize there are tons of different software applications for computers.  I then realized that the software is great for your home computers, but how about the Ipad or Itouch that the kids use.  It has the same access to the internet as your home computer.  In the search to  find how to lock down the usage of Safari internet explorer, I found this great Website.

Stumble upon — App review Apple and Android

This App should get 5 stars. I love it!  Surf the net with your interests only!  When u set this up you select from all kinds of interest groups, then when u hit click the  stumble button it will randomly select some cool site from your interests. When you get done reading that page, then you just hit stumble again, it will take you to next random page. I have already found several great web sites that I didn’t know where out there. Give it a shot, you will not be disappointed. Once you get it setup add me as a friend so we can follow each others interests.

Oh and did I mention you don’t need an App. You can go to and do it from your computer

Matt Black vs Eating Healthy

I always thought to myself why did I eat out so much.  I would find myself in a drive thru window more than not!  I have realized that over eating is an addiction like any other bad addiction.  If you don’t get a hold of it then your weight is going to suffer.  I was getting to the point of stopping by and getting something to eat at times that were not even lunch, dinner or breakfast times.  I finally just had to tell myself that nothing was really healthy from any fast food place.  After doing some research Taco Bell seems to be the only drive thrust restaurant where you can actually get something low in calories and fat.  The only problem is that 1 chicken soft rack with no cheese isn’t all that filling.  I would much rather wait to get home and have a can of veggies, side salad and some fruit!  That is a lot more filling)

App Review — PBS

Hmmm not sure if I can say I am absolutely in love with any show on PBS, but if you are then this app is for you. It is nice to see more channels making apps for the shows they view. I hope more channels jump on the wagon. It’s a free app, so why not get it)

App review — Mortal Kombat 3

,,,,,When I noticed thy the iPad had a mortal Kombat game, I had to give it a shot.  To be completely honest I usually don’t like controller based games but this one is an exception. It is actually really fun.  They made a special key for special moves so you don’t have to rely on a controller roll or controller movements. For a 4.99 price, I say go for it.

Matt Black vs The Storm


While on the way to pick up the kids from VBS, the Black came across a storm like no other.  Thank goodness no hail, but did get some pretty sky pictures to share;)

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Matt Black vs Temptation

OK how fair is it when you have company that comes up from Chat Town that lives right next door to Little Debbie Snack cake plant.  You call it HEAVEN! but since I am on the Epic Weight Battle I guess I will have to stick to the  fat-free pudding and low-fat pop corn. BOO  I mean come on , Chocolate Covered Honey Buns, that is just not fair!

Matt Black vs The Label

Ok , since I have been on this kick of trying  to loose this weight I have noticed one big thing that I cannot believe I never noticed before.  The actual nutritional value on some foods that I eat was crazy.  Everyone knows that fruit is good for you, low in fat, low in calories..blah blah blah.  But when  you are looking at regular foods, just be aware of the nutritional chart could save you calories or fat grams that you can eat somewhere else.  The biggest example I will use is Chili. I am a sucker for Chili and Hot Sauce.  So when I want a little treat I will eat me a can of Chili.  I found a Turkey Chili By Hormel that has a few grams of fat a few hundred calories, so When I went to store I was looking at other chilis.  If you look at this regular chili label you will see after the two servings you just put down 800 calories and almost 60 grams of fat.  That is just one small can.  I couldn’t believe it.  I Think I am going to be more aware of the labels and look before I buy:) It isn’t that hard.

Matt black vs The Rat King


In the on going efforts to rid harbor cove of the vermin, Matt Black came across an unlucky henchman of the Rat King. It appears as if the house protection orb got up with it. Or maybe it got into the ant poison?  Who knows. But I do know it is dead and a dead rat is a good thing.  I am use to the small mouse every now and again but this was 100 percent RAT.

The hunt for the rat king continued……..

Matt Black vs ANT man

So it is the time of year I am guessing for ants.  I was not sure about what kind of ants these tiny little creatures were, but I knew they were getting in somewhere.  If you left any food out at all, you would see one.  I hate ants and wanted desperately to get rid of them, because Ants are horrible!  I tried many sprays such as ant killer pro, ant and roach killer…etc but found the answer to the ants.  The ant killer you need to get is called Terro the ant killer! I put a picture of it below.  My research will be your benefit because I am going to share all the links I found for ants.  Just remember Sugar ant, brown ant, worker ant they are all ants and need to live OUTSIDE. Inside your on the Black’s Territory and will be punished by DEATH BY TERRO.  Easy little drops that they love to take back to their colony.  Lowes has the indoor Terro and the outdoor for really cheap.  I got both for under 10 bucks and it comes with many applications.

House hold ant info

Key to Identifying household ants