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A Purple kite

Does anyone else remember when McDonald’s had kites? I do.

I remember hearing about it in school. I was young, but old enough to remember what I felt. I felt the excitement of the kite flying in the wind. The thought of the kite took my day and I could not wait until school was over to beg my mom for a Mcdonalds trip.

School lasted forever, or so it seemed. The minutes were hours and the hours were eternity. I couldn’t wait. Then it happened. School bell rang and I ran. I ran so hard down the hall to the car rider line. I could remember thinking about the kite. I hadn’t asked about the kinds of kites. I wasn’t even in the position to ask. I just overheard a conversation.

They had kites at McDonald’s. I saw my mom, driving my dads truck to pick me up. I don’t know why, but I remember. I remember slamming the door. I had thought about how to ask. I’ll clean my room, I’ll do dishes, I’ll do laundry. I’ll do anything. I wanted a kite. So I did it.

I begged my mom to take me to Mcdonalds. It didn’t take much. She must of been hungry. She took me. The anticipation of the kite, the ride there seemed shorter than the school day, but still a long time. We arrived. I wanted a Ronald Mcdonald but I got a Grimace They were sold out of Ronald McDonald.

Grimace was purple. The kite, It was purple…I was upset, but it was ok. I tried for 3 hours to fly it and I never could get it going. It was hard. I was tired. No, I was exhausted…Running around the yard trying to get it to take off and fly. It wouldn’t. Why?

I remember the feeling. I wound my string around the yellow handle and I went inside. I got an Oatmeal creme pie and started playing Nintendo. Contra in fact.

My mom asked me if I liked my kite. I told her yes. I lied. I didnt want to but I had to. I was sad, I felt like a disappointment. I never told my mom different I felt that I was a failure, but inside I know she would of loved me anyway.

Sometimes I think back to that day, the wind, the sky, the time it took me to wrap the string and the purple kite. It was my first real kite and I was excited. I never tried again to fly a kite and Think about it daily. The purple kite. I don’t like purple or Grimace, but I still like kites.

One day I will try again. One day. But not Today.

Matt Black vs Computer Speakers

I often get asked the question, what are the best speakers for my laptop. My first response usually starts with, is this for in your car use? The reason behind that is if it is for use in your car, look for an audio input on your stereo. This is usually a standard 3.5mm input that lets you connect external devices to be heard through your stereo speakers. With the growth of I pods, this is coming to be more common in car audio systems. All it takes is cable that has a 3.5mm jack on each end (Usually about 10 bucks via Walmart, Radioshak..etc). Connect one to your headphone jack on your laptop, and the other to the input on the car stereo. Change your input selection to the audio in jack. Then all audio played through your computer will be heard through your stereo speakers.

If you are just looking for external computer speakers then there are several things to consider. Standard speakers on a laptop are usually less than optimal. Due to power and size restraints, a lot of people purchase external speakers to help with laptop sound. You’ll find 2.1-channel speakers starting around $20. But these won’t be the most powerful speakers available. You’ll need to spend more to get better ones. You want powered speakers. These plug into a wall outlet. Or, purchase a pair that connects to your computer via USB. Both sound and power will be delivered over the USB connection. You’ll want to pay attention to watts when buying speakers. The more watts, the more powerful the speakers and remember a speaker system is labeled with its ENTIRE wattage. Dig a little deeper into the specs. You’ll see the watts for each speaker, or channel. Now, you may be perfectly fine with a 9-watt system. Or, you may need something much more powerful. It just depends on how you will use the speakers. Maybe you just want to listen to music while you surf the Web. Or, you could just use them to hear feedback from your computer. You don’t need particularly powerful speakers for these tasks. But you might want to use your computer to watch movies. You could also want to use your computer as a stereo. In either case, opt for more powerful speakers. I don’t recommend buying speakers online. That is, unless you know exactly the model you want. Rather, head to an electronics store. Test the speakers out individually so you will know what wattage you may be looking for, then shop for that wattage of speaker. After all, personal preference comes into play when buying speakers. You might also consider surround sound speakers. You’ll find 5.1-, 6.1- and 7.1-channel systems. But your computer must support surround sound. This probably won’t be the case with a laptop. Check with the manufacturer and if your computer doesn’t support surround sound, you can always add a sound card. This can attach to your computer via a USB port. Or, look at ones that fit into a PC Card or Express Card slot.

How about wireless speakers? You’ll find wireless options that use Bluetooth. That’s a wireless networking standard. It is most commonly used for cellular headsets. But it can do much more. You can stream music in stereo over a Bluetooth connection. Both the source and the speakers or headphones must support the A2DP profile (don’t worry about understand A2DP technology unless you are really serious about wireless connections) Implementing Bluetooth speakers shouldn’t be terribly difficult. However, your laptop may not have built-in Bluetooth or the built-in Bluetooth may not support A2DP. In either case, you can purchase a Bluetooth dongle (about 20 bucks). Bluetooth speakers or headphones will support A2DP. A2DP will work with stereo speakers. There are also 2.1-channel Bluetooth speakers. But you won’t find Bluetooth surround sound speakers. You’ll need a wired connection for surround sound.
Now you can also use a media hub. You would attach it to your stereo or home theater. It also connects to your network to stream music and other content. There are wired and wireless media hubs. They’re great for listening to music or watching videos. But they won’t work for playing system sounds, but maybe something fun to play with!

Matt Black and Everyday Heroes

Super Heroes are everywhere, just look around.

Have you ever really thought about what makes us do good? I am a firm believer that we are all born equal and are all Good people. Then comes life. Life experiences, geography, peers, family, are all things that mold the person you become. But the core is good. Everyone still has that inside of them. Some find it earlier than others and some tend to pack it away in the back somewhere until something else pushes it out.

Lets take a look at numbers….In almost any profession you work from them. Just think about it….Statistically speaking if the majority of the people like a certain item, then it will sell. If the majority of people feel someone is guilty in a jury trial, then the defendant is found guilty. I feel the same goes for living for God and trying to do the right things. If you try your hardest to do right, the most you can… then opportunities will open for you.

Have you ever noticed that bad people usually avoid being around good people? They don’t like us because they feel like we are judging them. When truthfully we are not even thinking anything about them. We just live to help others, and deep inside would love to help anyone!

It doesn’t take a cape or a mask to be a superhero, but it does take wanting to do the right things and help people with nothing in reward. I challenge you to do the right things and to help fight evil in what ever capacity that you can.

Challenge yourself with this task and see what happens… Look at the people You come into contact with throughout your daily activities and see how they are radiating good. A smile at a drive thru window. A thank you for holding a door. A nod of a head when walking by a stranger. A tip of the hat to a fellow hat wearer, a wave to another motorcycle rider. What good can you produce today? Live your life to the fullest and remember good will prevail! The more good, the less space evil has.

Join in my quest to rename superhero to everydayhero. Because that is what every single one of us can and desire to be. Somewhere in that scar ridden heart is good. Harness it, embrace it and lets tell evil his days are numbered.

God Bless us all friends…..Blacks out!

Matt Black vs Bad things happening to good people

Life is a book

I often ask myself, Why does bad things happen to good people? I was recently reading a post where a guy was questioning God and how he felt like he had turned his back on God because there was never a reason why all these bad things were happening to him. It was a very sad story which I will not sit here and retell in my own words, but it did make me thing to do this next blog entry.

Have you ever asked yourself Why me? I think we all have and if you tell yourself that you have not then you probably are just lying to yourself. I probably have done this a thousand times. I seem to be the kind of guy that tries to do the right things in life, but sometimes things back fire. So like usual, I try to pray about my problems and look for scripture in the Bible about how. Right off there were several verses that discuss not understand God plans, and to walk with faith and to try and not question Gods will. There were verses on compassion and caring and love. I didnt find one verse that I just had to talk about, but I did find a couple that help me make sense of things.

The first being John 16:33 “You will have suffering in this world” hmm, I don’t see a may have or possibly have or even a might. He says it is going to happen. So knowing it is going to happen how can we get our minds around horrible events like mass shootings in schools or illness and death to children. Or maybe even personal questions like Why did I loose my job, or why did my family abandon me. It is all very complex and easy to ask out. I don’t think I can stand in anyone elses shoes and give a complete answer to any of those questions, as no one else can either. We dont have Gods mind, we dont see with Gods eyes. Which brings me to my second verse Corinthians 13:12 says “Now we see things imperfectly, like puzzling reflections in a mirror, but then we will see everything with perfect clarity. All that I know now is partial and incomplete, but then I will know everything completely, just as God no knows me completely” Pretty deep huh? I think so.

So in a nut shell I think God is telling us, we will never know the answer to that questions and to try not to question it. Just have faith that he will deliver us from the pain and suffering and one day when we are in Heaven we may understand things more clearly. I read a story when I was researching this and thought to myself it made since.

God is Love. We have all heard this, and through his faith we find love. The more we seek it, the more it comes around. I find that the more I do out of my true heart and emotions without being fake or trying to impress others, the better outcome in everything associated with it. If we were programed to say I love you, then would it really be love? Almost like that creepy doll every kid has that you pull a string and it says “I love you” Do those dolls love you? Of course not. It was programmed to say those words. To really experience love,that doll would need to have been able to choose love, to see hurt and pain and understand what they are. It would also need to feel those different emotions to understand it. So in order for us to experience love, God gave us free will.

Our life experiences show us good, and unfortunately bad. We know the difference and it builds our hearts stronger to live for God and to do the right things. Generally speaking if you try to live your life right, you will feel better about yourself.

I try to think of life as a book. If you pick up a book and read a chapter, or a few pages from the middle, there is no way you would understand it. To read it from start to finish, then there comes understanding. How do we know our entire story, until it is complete? We dont and wont. God is still writing it. If you live your life with love and compassion and glory to God, I feel your book maybe easier to get through than others, but trust me bad things will happen. There is no answer for that on this world, but remember to do the things that make those bad issues easier. Love God. Pray and pray often. There will always be bad parts to a book, but living your life for God will bring more good.

Matt Black vs IPhone 5 with IOS 6

Alleged iPhone 5 photos are leaking out of China faster than our judicial system puts people on probation. These new iPhone 5 photos show what appears to be a detailed, but solid iPhone 5 sample or model likely used to test accessories or refine the manufacturing process, even though it is highly dependent on hand assembly. Are these real pictures? Did a leak get the right info? We will have to wait another month (August Rumor release date) to find out for sure, but let’s talk about the leak, and hope some of its true.

The leaked iPhone 5 photos show the taller iPhone 5 next to an iPhone 4S for size comparison, and include the now familiar two-part back design which may accommodate a metal back as part of an iPhone 5 design. A larger retina screen disply seems like a good possibility, with a redesign charging port, which for some reason upsets me beyond anything imaginable. This photo also shows the new iPhone may be thinner than the iPhone 4S, which is a no brainer….they had to! people want thinner and more light weight.

From the looks of different leak sites about the new iPhone, and the IPad mini, which is rumored to be revealed at same time as iPhone 5, we are in for some treats. The iPhone should have the following specs.

4-inch Retina Display aka larger screen (instead of current 3.5)

Slightly taller and slightly thinner, but the same width.

4G LTE connectivity

A Quad-Core processor, possibly the Apple A6 processor.

New smaller 19-pin dock connector

Partial metal back, which could play a part in a better antenna design.

A smoother edge, from the thinner frame

new IOS 6

I can’t leave out the all new IOS 6 rumored features that are suiting in themselves..

IOS 6 features

iOS 6 is going to be coming with over 200 features including a big update to the software’s virtual personal assistant, Siri. The virtual assistant, which as been out for 8 months. Siri has been loaded up with an ability to look at sports scores, something that has been rumored for quite some time. Apple even showed that Siri can let users know whether a basketball player is taller or shorter than the other. That’s how specific it can get. Users can check standings and even see when teams are playing. New sports features were a must! The personal assistant can also make restaurant reservations through OpenTable, it can bring up movie trailers, times and reviews using Rotten Tomatoes, and it can open applications when users ask it to.

Apple showed off Siri opening up Temple Run. Siri can now tweet to Twitter, using voice commands only, and help you with status updates! Apple has also partnered with several automobile manufacturers to offer Hands-Free Siri access when in the car. Siri also now features support for quite a few new languages. As expected, Siri will be coming to the iPad at some point in the future.

With iOS 5, Apple included Twitter integration. With iOS 6, Apple will be including deep Facebook integration that will allow users to post to Facebook, post photos to Facebook and pull up Facebook notifications in Notification Center. Facebook will also be integrated with Siri which means users will be able to use voice commands to update Facebook.

iOS 6 will also deliver a phone application where users can slide up to either reply to a phone call with a message or set up a reminder to call the person back later. Apple has also added a Do Not Disturb feature to iOS 6 which will allow users to easily silence their phone. The company has also included a long-awaited feature in FaceTime over 3G which will allow iOS users to make FaceTime calls when Wi-Fi is not available.

iOS 6 will add shared photo streams and users will now be able to quickly share photos with friends and family.

The software will bring VIP Inbox which will let users select important peoples emails whose emails will appear on the lock screen. Apple has also added a pull to refresh feature.

Apple has added PassBook which will let users store boarding passes for flights and movie tickets in the app. Specifically, Apple showed off United and Starbucks. Apple has also shown off its new Maps application, something that was heavily rumored ahead of WWDC 2012. Apple is adding the Maps application to iOS 6 and it will add important places of interest, 3D maps, Yelp integration, traffic service and turn by turn navigation. This means a good farewell to gps devices in car. Your iPhone will b your new gps!

Essentially, Apple has added everything that users have been clamoring for for quite some time now.

With 200 new features, which I have already discussed a few, let’s look at this great top 40 list.

1. FaceTime over 3G and 4G – Make FaceTime calls over cellular connections.

2. Facebook Integration – Share photos to Facebook from Photos app and Like Apps.

3. Calls – Slide to answer a call or slide up to reply with a message & remind you to call back later.

4. Passbook – Your digital wallet for loyalty cards, Amtrak, United, hotel reservations and more.

5. Lost Mode – Send a phone number to whoever found your lost iPhone to get a call.

6. Turn by Turn Directions – Voiceguided turn by turn directions with GPS on the iPhone

7. Open Apps with Siri – Siri can now open apps with your voice.

8. VIP Inbox – Tell Mail who your important contacts are so you never miss an email.

9. Siri – Check sports scores, movie times and make restaurant reservations.

Instant Sharing to Facebook and Twitter – Notification Center lets you share direct to Facebook and Twitter.

10. Better Sharing Menu – When Sharing, you’ll see a new icon driven sharing menu.

11. Autocorrection for Every Keyboard – Support for autocorrect while using external Bluetooth keyboards.

12. Location Based Reminders for iPad – The iPad will no support reminders based on location, may be limited to cellular models.

13. Manual Location Entry for Reminders – No longer need GPS to set a location reminder, 13. type in an address.

14. VoiceOver Improvements – Better accessibility features from VoiceOver for visually impaired users.

15. Personal Dictionary in the Cloud – sync personalized spellings and autocorrections of names across iPhone and iPad.

16. Do Not Disturb – Set the iPhone to prevent calls and notifications from waking you at night, but still allow special callers.

17. Per Account Signatures in Mail – One signature for work email, one for personal.

18. Game Center Challenges – Brag about your high score and issue challenges to friends.

19. Game Center Friends from Facebook – Pull your Facebook friends into games.

20. Manual Reorder of Reminders – Change the order of reminders to match your priorities.

21. Improved Privacy Controls – More granular control over your personal data. Turn location control off by app.

22. Custom Vibrations for Alerts – Already available in iOS 5, expect new features.

23. Features for China – Baidu, Sina Weibo, Tudou, Youku, Better text input, dictionary

24. Video stabilization : Stabilizes iPhone and iPad video, which are often shaky.

25. Shared Photostreams- Make and share albums in PhotoStream. Easily share the right photos with specific friends and family members in near real-time. Also includes comments and notifications.

26. App in Safari Search Results – See app store search results in the Safari search results.

27. Full Screen Landscape Support in Safari – See more of the web while browsing in landscape on the iPhone.

28. Faster Safari Javascript – Improved Safari performance while browsing.

29. HDR Improvements – Better performance and results for HDR photo taking.

30. Made for iPhone Hearing Aids – Apple certified hearing aids that will work specifically with the iPhone and iPad.

31. Improved Accessibility Controls – Lock settings and lock the home button to keep kids out of settings they don’t need to touch.

32. French, German and Spanish Dictionaries – Multiple language dictionaries now in iOS 6.

33. Alarm with Song – Wake up with your favorite music in iOS 6.

34. Redesigned Stores – Better looking mobile stores with Coverflow.

35. In App Bluetooth Pairing – No longer need to leave the app to set up your Bluetooth headphones

36. Eyes Free – A new Siri button for Siri in-car integration with upcoming support for 37. BMW, GM, Mercedes, Land Rover, Jaguar, Audi, Toyota, Chrysler and Honda

Location Based Alerts for Find My Friends- Get an alert when kids leave school

38. Safari Browser Syncing – Continue browsing sessions on the iPad after starting in your computer or the iPhone.

39. Maps- New maps with traffic and 3D flyover mode.

40. The IPhone 5 and iPad mini will be released!

iOS 6 will arrive this fall with the iPhone 5. The iOS 6 beta is available today for users willing to pay for a chance to try the latest Apple software.

iOS 6 will be coming to the iPhone 3GS and above for iPhone, iPad 2 and iPad 3, and the iPod touch 4th generation. It will be out sometime later this year, sometime between August and October. With all the new features, it seems to be a big hit and I personally can not wait!

Blacks out…


Matt Black vs Traffic, wasps and of course a flock of geese.

“”Throughout our story we call life, we will never know how much God protects us”. MB

What a great day for a walk…or is it. With the temperatures soaring up over the hundred mark, I wanted to get out early and take my little angel for a walk. Not only for some exercise, and to get her outside for a minute, but to also give my loving wife a break, who does twice more than other mothers I know). This decision to go for a walk was a good one, because it inspired me to make this entry into my blog.

Grabbing the stroller and buckling my little bit in, I can see the excitement in her face! She knows she is going on a stroll, because we try to take her on strolls as much as we can. I push her to the front glass door as she pears out looking into the great outdoor abyss and what wonders what her stroll will bring her today!

As I lift her down the two front stairs and start down the driveway…vroom vroom, a big truck passes by as her hand raises and points to it driving up the street. She looks at me and back at the truck, so excitedly it makes me smile. Making our way down the sidewalk, a loud boom comes from construction workers down the road, she immediately throws her hand up as to wave at the worker, he smiles and of course waves back. I giggle inside thinking of the joke i read once that says, when a two year old hands you a play phone…you answer it! He couldnt resist the little wave either. I nod my head at him, acknowledging he had done the right thing, and i appreciated his child like wave. We are now to the walking trail and her sights are aimed high, she is looking back and forth at the bushes, and the trees blowing in the wind, when she catches a glimpse of a wasp flying near, she reaches out to grab the cute, tiny flying bird ( in her eyes) as it flies away. We continue walking when that hand comes up and points again. What do you see I say in a childish voice that I later hoped no one was close enough to hear me. She points again. She has found a flock of geese standing to the side of the trail. As they hiss at her and start to come towards her wings opened wide, she cackles and laughs, so funny those fowl are!

We continue our walk with the geese in the background and she hears loud music coming from a passing car. Rap music that said a few explicit words (just music to her) and she clapped. Clapping led to our patty cake song, as we continued back to the house. She went back and forth looking at everything as if she had never seen it before, as I watched for oncoming traffic before crossing the road.

I bring her into the cool house as it was getting warmer outside and she looks up at me with her two little round eyes and without saying anything, I know she was thinking. Thanks Daddy:-)

I joked with my wife about the wasp and the geese and thought to myself about the beauties of life and how God watches over us even when we don’t realize it just as I had watched over my child on our morning stroll. Isnt that a good feeling? God watches over us.

Did she know the danger of the big speeding truck? The pain of a wasp sting, or even the fear of a goose protecting its young with a loud hiss and wing spread. The answer is simple. No. she didn’t because she didn’t have to. Big daddy was pushing her and making sure no bad things happened to her. I saw the wasp before it got close, I knew the geese would do that before I even strolled by them, and the truck and traffic was obvious, I was watching that without even thinking about it.

This reminded me of how God watches over us and delivers us from evil, even when we don’t realize it. How easy is it to blame God or ask God why, when something bad happens to us? It’s very easy! At those times we need to remind ourselves to be humble and thankful for all the evil we was protected from and didn’t even know it.

2 Thessalonians 3:3 but God is faithful, he will strengthen you and protect you from evil.

pray for strength in your faith for God, live every day to its fullest and remember he is always there.

Matt Black vs Your Feelings

“We probably worry ourselves more over things that are completly out of our control, than things that we can control”

Life can be difficult … Let me rephrase that… life is difficult. I feel like sometimes we don’t get on our knees enough and pray for GOD to help us with our problems and also when we dont have problems. It is easy to go to him when times are bad, and pray for help and then forget to thank him when things are Good. It should be easier since you can’t spell Good without a g, an o and a d, but it is not. We are human and we don’t think about bad things until we have to. We want to keep our feelings boxed up inside without letting them out.

Which brings me to the word Feelings. What are feelings? What do they effect? What can we o about them? How do we ontrol them?

When i started reasearching behavior patterns and trying to understand what causes people to become negative that it becomes their strongest personal asset, I would see the word over and over again…. attitude. Negative attitude, bad attitude, everything came back to the word attitude. So it was not surprising when I saw that in its own definition of the word ‘feelings’ came the word attitude. – Feelings – an emotion or emotional perception or attitude

Your feelings in your heart directly affect your attitude, and your attitude shows in your interaction with others. I feel like approaching a positive state, and being a positive person, you have to think and give yourself good feelings. On the way to work this morning, I was already thinking about a work incident I had received overnight that I was going to have to call about and it hit me. Wow! It is a beautiful day! The sun was shining through my windows warming the car just enough, the birds were chirping in the back ground, and a great song was on the radio. I sat there at the red light and took 30 seconds to thank God for life’s little things and not get caught up in the moment of everything else. It made me feel good. I thought about how if felt and what would make this day even better.

I challenge you to take the time out today and concentrate on your feelings. If something is bothering you, then address it. Think about it and let it go. If it is something good, then hold onto it! If you are not really feeling anything, then concentrate on lifes little joys we over look everday! The beauty of trees blowing in the wind, the joy of others laughing, birds chirping like they are singing a song. Its not hard to find good things, sometimes you just have to look around you! You will see it makes you more positive person and I promise it will change others around you!

Have a great day everyone and remember…your feelings go hand in hand with your attitude and your attitude shows in your demeanour.

Have good thoughts, stay positive!

Black’s Out…

Matt Black vs Video Gaming Cell phones

As I played with the iPhone, and any Android based phone, I would always have ok fun with games like Angry Birds, or cut the rope, and even Fruit Ninja, but when it came down to any action game or racing game I never was a big fan. Why do you ask? One word…. Controls! Being an old school gamer from way back in the pong and Atari 2600 days, I had a joystick. I have been playing everything with controllers. Even the handheld game boys, game gears, and PSP’s had a controllers. I see my kids using touch screen and moving the whole device like I use to use the old school joysticks with one red button….like a champ! I just dont like it… So what does yours truly do? I go out and research for a gaming phone.

I wanted to upgrade my personal phone and I always told myself I would get the newest I phone when my contract was up, but i didn’t. I have my IPad to play the role of my apple device, and really wanted something I could carry, utilize and also play Dragons Lair with without using the touch screen!

When you begin researching for a smart phone with a gaming controller, you won’t look to long til you find the only Sony Playstation approved cell hone, the Sony Experia Play. With a slide out controller it takes gaming to a whole new level! I was really questioning my sanity for ordering an android phone when I could of picked out an IPhone, but I went with my gut feeling! And I am so glad I did. I know what you are thinking, why would you want a phone to play games on? Ask the 10 million people who have downloaded Angry Birds (probably even you!). It is nice to be able to pull out your phone when you are waiting in a lobby for an appointment, or bored in the traffic jam, or even to burn the last 5 minutes of your lunch break. With the Experia Play you can do that with a slide out controller that is really comfortable in your hand. The system comes pre installed with 5 games, and with Experia programmed Android OS Games for 4.99, how do you beat it? The answer is… You don’t! Only Sony stepped out of the cell phone world and said…hey let’s make a gaming device and a cell phone together. With their success of the Playstation units, I guess they were willing to take a chance. I am not sure if gamers gave it a chance, but after it being out on the market for a bit and more than 250 game library I say go for it. To be honest here, it runs Android software, so the look of it is the same as any android phone, only difference is you are replacing a slide out keyboard for a controller, and yes my friends that rocks!

If your contract is up and it is time for a new phone, and an iPhone is out of the picture… Then I say go with the Experia Play… Especially if you are a gamer. If you are not a maker then just select from the other 982 Android based phones). Until next time friends…. Blacks Out….


Matt Black vs Benjamin Kyle

So who is Benjamin Kyle? Very interesting story from Wikipedia….

Around 6:00 AM EST on August 31, 2004, a man now living under the name Benjaman Kyle was discovered behind a Burger King at the intersection of Interstate 95 and Highway 17 in Richmond Hill, Georgia. He was found by the managers of the restaurant, lying on the ground inside the stone wall enclosing the dumpsters, in a space between the dumpsters that is accessed by a walk-through used for trash disposal. The dumpster enclosure was behind the Burger King in an area hidden from view from all directions except from the restaurant parking lot. Prolonged exposure to the sun had left him sunburned. He was assumed homeless and taken to a hospital for treatment. Officers who searched the scene found no clothes or wallet to identify the man. According to the manager, there were no weapons found at the scene. Paramedics reported that there were three depressions in his head, that may indicate blows by a blunt object. When found, he had no memory of who he was, and did not even recognize his own face. He was legally blind with cataracts, indicating he may have been without medical care for some time before he was assaulted. Initially, he was known as BK because he was discovered on the premises of a Burger King. Since then, he has chosen to live under the name Benjaman Kyle and insists that his real first name is Benjaman.

Alien abduction? Homeless hoax? Who is BK?


Matt Black vs The Social Media Monster

Hey guys, after a couple requests for a social networking guidelines post, I finally completed it. I am approached with social networking questions a lot. Particularly about the top sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, My Space and a few more. People have mixed emotions when it comes to social networking and always seem to indirectly ask the question… are they are good or bad? I am one hundred percent on the good side when it comes to this issue. In my opinion, social networking is good as long as you are using it for good. Just like with anything in life, if you try to do what’s right and do good things it will come across in your day to day adventures along within your digital social networking. Your network is exactly what it sounds like…YOURS! Your network is a reflection of who you are. Whether you do good things with it or bad things is up to you.

The pro’s to me out way the cons. As a Christian, I can witness to people about God, being positive and loving life. As an educator I can share links to help others with technology issues, and to give tips and advice. I can also share pictures of my family with my friends and family that lives half way across the world! I really think social networking is an awesome communication tool if used responsibly.

I realize business are developing rules and policies when it comes to social networking and I totally agree with checks and balances. We have all heard the old saying one bad apple ruins a bunch and that is true in a lot of ways. One employees error could be an embarrassment to a company in whole. So when your employer puts restrictions on it, try to remember it is probably best for the team. With that being said, don’t be afraid of it either. Social networking is what you make of it.

I have researched and came up with my top 30 tips for social networking, I hope you enjoy…

1. Act like you would in real life: Just because you’re hiding behind a computer as you type doesn’t mean that people aren’t going to connect what you say online with who you are as a real person. use your real picture. You can be appropriate and fun all at he same time.

2. You have to earn respect: You can earn respect on social media sites by offering quality, accessible information in a friendly way. Share relevant links, commentary and helpful advice.

3. Avoid burnout: If you’re on social media sites constantly, you’ll burn yourself out and annoy other people. Find a balance so that you’re making quality contributions to the discussion, not dominating it.

4. Tweet and update for your most conservative followers: If you have lots of friends online, it can be hard to remember who’s still listening in to your conversations and updates. Remember who your most conservative followers are, and make sure whatever you put online is appropriate for them.

5. Be curious, but not nosy: Social media communities are all about sharing and learning from each other. You’re encouraged to ask questions, but don’t be too inquisitive about personal issues.

6. Be extra polite: You wouldn’t make a nasty comment to a person you just met at work or school: you’d probably go above and beyond to seem friendly and helpful. Apply the same attitude to your social media activity.

7. Don’t ask for favors: Once you’ve established a relationship with an online contact, you can ask for advice or help, but don’t log on just to ask people to do your work for you. Treat others the way you want to be treated, and you’ll develop a reputation for being a worthy friend and follow who other users will want to follow along to . Not everyone you’re following — or who is following you — is your personal friend, so avoid talking about health problems and mushy stuff.

8. Don’t cyber-stalk: If you’re never getting any responses back to the wall posts and messages you leave on someone’s profile, then you’re cyber-stalking them. Stop.

9. Don’t drunk-Facebook: Sending drunk Facebook messages or making drunk wall posts can be funny with friends, but seriously damaging with professional contacts. I will exclude Ambien posters. ( some people can relate with that more than others )

10. Don’t send apps: Make sure that when you try out an application, you’re not sending it to everyone you’re friends with. That’s right: everyone.

11. Don’t write private messages on wall posts: It’s embarrassing, rude, and makes you look immature.

12. Edit your photo choices: Don’t put up photos of yourself or others engaging in illegal, irresponsible activities, including pictures of you chugging pitchers of beer, whether or not you’re 21.

13. Have fun playing Facebook games, but don’t spam all your friends with it. Try to just send game requests to your friends who you know play.

14. Be careful who you tag: Just because you don’t have a job doesn’t mean your friends are okay with having ridiculous photos of themselves posted on Facebook so that their moms and bosses can see them. If your not sure..just post and don’t tag it…but above all, be respectful.

15. Write clear status updates: People who write vague, depressing song lyrics or status updates come across as to me as strange. Especially leading updates…. Without commenting when 10 people ask you what’s wrong

16. Be respectful of the relationship status: Talk with your partner before changing a relationship status. If it’s good news, do you want an online medium to be the one to share it? If it’s bad, you want to make sure you’re not breaking up with someone via Facebook.

17. Avoid chain status updates: Don’t fall for chain status updates to save a child with cancer or promote world peace. They’re just spam. If you want to help, be responsible, research and donate to the proper organizations.

18. Ask friends to make introductions: You’ll avoid freaking people out if you ask a friend to make an introduction rather than friending people you’ve randomly spotted online.

19. Twitter is addictive, but it also has lots of traps that can lure you into looking unprofessional and lazy: be aware of that

20. Don’t use automation tools: You might think it’s nice to send an automatic message every time someone follows you, but it actually makes you look lazy and unengaged. Social media is about the personal effort behind the connection.

21. Keep tabs on your ratio: One of the easiest ways for people to decide whether or not they want to follow you is to check your follow ratio. Try to keep it balanced so that you don’t look desperate or like a snob.

22. Share other people’s work, not just your own: For every tweet you make about yourself, make two or three tweets about someone else’s work or a third party article.

23. Send private messages for private conversations: Twitter has an option to let you send private messages, and it’s important that you remember to use it when appropriate (just like Facebook)

24. Don’t be a sucker: As with any viral medium, it’s easy to get caught up in scams and just plain incorrect information. Don’t go crazy retweeting sensational stories until you’ve verified they’re true

25. Don’t ask to be retweeted: If your tweet is good enough to share, your followers will retweet it without a desperate plea.

26. Don’t use Social Networking to point fingers: You can send open tweets to ask about a problem, but don’t trash companies or individuals just because you had a bad experience. Contact them in private.

27. There are appropriate shortcuts for social media, but don’t go overboard. Otherwise, no one will be able to understand you, and they may think you’re lazy and ignorant:

28. Know what @means: @ is a sign that means you’re responding to or directly addressing a particular user or message. On some sites, it even tags that person.

29. Use the word, not the number: Substituting “2″ for “to” looks like you’re in junior high.
Social media is a step up from texting: Unless you’re updating all your messages on a mobile device, remember that social media is a step up from texting. If you’re typing on a keyboard, you can type out the whole word.

30. Don’t make stupid mistakes: You’re not receiving an official grade from your tweets and FB updates, but you are being judged on your grammar mistakes. I am not n English major, but I at least use spell Don’t worry about being chatty. Chatty can be fun!

I could probably hit 10 or so more, but just cut it to 30. I hope everyone enjoys their social media endeavors and remember. Live life, have fun, but be responsible for your actions….even if it is an update!

Black Out……thanks for reading!