The Number that’s not just a Number


Hello there numerical digit. Oh your not just any number are you? Your the first. The first number in an infinite string of numerical bliss. If settling to be the number 1 wasn’t good enough for you and your all mighty highness…they made you red. Not just a normal red…but a deep, heart throbbing, soul taking, blood like red. Who are you? Who is hiding behind your shining glory. Are you a wishful approval of an earlier link about the snow fall before Thanksgiving? Are you a reply to my ultimate check in at the local Grocery store? I don’t know, but you are there, I must check…soon. Sooner than later, because I know my fate if I don’ will transform to a 2, then a 3. I have to know. You are hard to touch with the same hand I hold my device with, but you will not get away..I have another. Left hand up, pointer finger extended. 6 inches away…5…4…3…2.. No one call, no one need anything from me for one more second. One more small moment. I can feel the screen, the heat sensors accepting my digit. What friend awaits…..sweat drops…comment?…like?… What, Who, are you? /sigh …… invite….disappointment sets in.

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