Monthly Archives: May 2017

Wag your tail

I saw a homeless person today.  

I saw a homeless person at the Pilot gas station. When I pulled up to the pump to get gas, he was sitting straight across from me. I could see him. He couldn’t see me. As I sat there and watched him, I noticed he had a companion with him. A sidekick. A partner. A ride or die. You could tell this was his wasn’t a friend, this was his best friend. The way he looked at him. You could tell. This was something special. 

He had a dog. Black and brown and small. Probably smaller than an average dog. But still a dog. He would lean down and pet the dog and every time he touched his little head, the dogs tail would wag. It would wag so hard, it would slap each side of the dogs body every time he would reach down towards him. Right, left, right, left. It slowly became mesmerizing. The mesmerizing motion slowly got me pondering. 

Does the dog know his owner is homeless? Does the dog know he could be sleeping on a warm couch inside a nice house if another person would have taken him in? Does the dog know he could be drinking fresh clean water anytime he wanted in a bowl with his name on it? Does the dog know? The question shouldn’t be does the dog know? But how about Does the dog care?
As more people walk by them sitting on the curb, looking, judging, glaring away. It made me sad. It made me see people who didn’t care. Just like that dog didn’t care where he was at, as long as he was with his owner. Right, left, right, left…The dogs tail continued to wag. Not just periodically, but EVERY single time the homeless man would reach down to him. 

A car pulls up. A woman gets out, she purposely walks the other way away from them. What were others thinking. No one even said hello or gave a head nod. They all looked away, never wanting to make eye contact. Does the dog care about others judging his owner?
The more I pondered as my gas was pumping, the more I thought about Gods love for us. Does God care that we have a 500,000 home? Does God care we have a 75,000 car? Does God care who we know or what we do? Does God care if we are homeless? I think the answer to all the questions is no. Gods love goes beyond that. God doesn’t judge who we are or our worldly status. God only loves. He loves each of us unconditionally without judging. God always watches over us but most importantly, God reaches down to us. 

That man loved that dog. Sitting 20 yards away, you really can’t see it but you can feel it. God loves you , and if you watch other people long enough….you will feel it. When he reaches down. We should wag our tails. Let’s show others God love is hard to explain, but once you feel it. You know it. I challenge you to show others what it feels like. Cast your cares to Jesus And always remember to wag your tail.