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The Power of a Smile

It is 0615 on a gorgeous Saturday morning and I am up feeling good. It hit me this morning on how truly blessed I am with family and friends who love me. I try to be the best father, husband and friend that I can and realize that life is not easy, so why pass up the easiest way to spread warmth from your heart…as in a simple smile. Give a smile, spread a smile seems like an easy way to show emotion of happiness, and makes you feel good inside! I challenge you to Think about it the next time you walk into a Walmart and the door greeter says Welcome to Walmart…and smiles. Do they love what they do? Is it the most gratifying job? Standing in on place all day long? I say it is. How many smiles do they get to give and receive in one day? They get to see smiles from thousands of people and get to warm others with their smiles. I encourage you to smile at every person you pass today, and see if they return it with a smile. It will warm you inside). God bless…