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Marvel series order

Hey gang! After being asked several times about certain comic movies and series. I have studied and came to this list of how to watch every Marvel movie or series and in the right order. If you want to be ready for Infinity War and the battle of Thanos. Get ready by watching each of these in this order. For our Marvel fans! Here we go…

Captain America First Avenger


Ironman 2

The Incredible Hulk


Avengers Assemble

Ironman 3

Thor the Dark World

Captain America Winter Soldier

Agents of Shield season 1 (ABC)

Guardians Of the Galaxy

Agents of Shield season 2 (ABC)

Agents of Shield season 3 (ABC)

Guardians of the Galaxy 2

Daredevil season 1 (Netflix)

Jessica Jones (Netflix)

Avengers Age of Ultron

Daredevil season 2(Netflix)

Luke Cage (Netflix)

Iron Fist (Netflix)

Agents of Shield season 4 (ABC)

Agent Carter season 1 (ABC)

The Defenders (Netflix)

Agent Carter season 2 (ABC)

Ant man

Captain America Civil War

Doctor Strange

Inhumans season 1 (ABC)

Spider-Man Homecoming

Runaways season 1 (Hulu)

Thor Ragnarok

The Punisher (Netflix)

Agents of Shield season 5 (ABC)

Black Panther

Ant man and the Wasp

Avengers Civil War

Captain Marvel (2019)

Now it’s time to get watching!