Be Happy being a passenger.

Be happy being a passenger.

I had to use the dictionary app today. I usually don’t have to use it but who are we kidding here. I have nothing to hide. I probably use it more than I should. I looked up the word Introvert. I had heard it used and was curious of the true definition of the word. It sounds so strange. I guess it may be because I don’t use many words starting with the letter i. As a matter of fact, I’m trying to think of any words that I use on a regular bases that start with an i. That brought me to where I am. People see themselves sometimes of not being worthy of who God made them to be. Sometimes we question why we have to feel so useless. Sometimes life throws us curve balls along with the fast balls and knuckle balls. Are knuckle balls even thrown anymore? Good question. I don’t watch baseball. But back to the curve and back to the introvert. Do we say introvert as it is a bad thing? Do we say it as if God has punished you to be this shy … always questioning life person. My answer is, I don’t think so. I feel God makes each of us in his form while at the same time makes us each different. You turn towards yourself and blame your self for what you call your faults instead of looking at your accomplishments. Look what all you do to influence people. Everyday we are blessed to be able to show others Gods love for each other. Whether it be a smile to a stranger at a grocery store or holding a door for someone you don’t know with a slight head nod. Don’t think about yourself as being backward or not good enough. You want to blame that job problem on yourself. You want to worry about the future without living in the present? Don’t do it. Maybe the doors are closing and you have to look for another way out. There is always one there. Lean on God to help to find it. Appreciate the little things. Appreciate the people that used to be those strangers. You know I thought of another word that starts with i. Impossible. As in nothing is impossible, not even you being happy with the way your life is leading because we are just the passengers on this train not the conductor. When we remind ourselves who is conducting, we remind ourselves it is not always just about us. It’s about us living this crazy life one day at a time and being the best person we can possibly be.

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