The Deserted Isle


Hello man all alone with your blinker on, stranded on your deserted island in the turn lane… I see you, I am your friend. But, I am merely the inside lane traffic holder. I am doing my job. I will continue for at least 13 more seconds, with diligence. You only need one kind, decent person to pause…pause for just a second…wait, is it you Mr. UPS?…is it you Mr. green truck…no…surely it is you Church…
I glance in my rear view, I see anger from the cars behind me…I can only wait so much longer. I am feeling doubt, concern, anger, hurt…my emotions are taking over..I want you to be able to turn, but I can not hold much longer.
Eye contact with you, and you see my concern. I whisper “I am trying, trying so hard” a slight nod of your head tells me you know, and at this moment we are one. I look back in my mirror sweat rolls from my brow, I look back at you as I start to roll my car to a slow crawl, still hoping one person, just one will join me on this quest to help you in the other lane to cross traffic.
Eye contact. I whisper “I am so sorry” you smile and say “It’s ok”. Thank you lone survivor whomever you are and I hope 2 brave heroes allow you to get your Starbucks …soon..

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