You’re not from the pond


Hello there provider of life. Without you we are nothing. Without you we would be so parched. Without you I feel so Parched. You are the biggest gulp not just a big gulp. You are perfect for me. Some people ponder life on their porch with you … while I ponder where you come from. You are different than the rest. You come in all forms shapes and sizes but your size is perfect? There is something different about you something more satisfying. Something more refreshing, something We live our lives taking for granted to what we come across, but then when we find you. We quench something that hasn’t been quenched before. We are used to the tap. We are use to be the fountains, and then you come along. You with your majestic logo stuck on your perfectly shaped plastic body. Oh and we know that your plastic is different. Deerfield, Nestle they have nothing on you. We know your liquid life Juice has to come from the fountains of heaven being poured by Angels. That’s why you cost so much. You are not like the normal, that’s why We can’t get enough of you. Thank you for providing my body with the essential basic elements of life. Because Fiji to me, is not just a place anymore. It’s where you are from.

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