Monthly Archives: October 2018

Love that Positive Energy

Above all, show love and love each other deeply because love covers a multitude of sins.

Guys my interpretation of 1 Peter 4:8 is pretty basic. It is about Love. Love what you do, love the people around you, love each day as it’s your last. Gods love for you has put you right where you are for a reason. We are just living Gods plan.

Loosen up a little, live a little, love others and have fun while your at it. I am a very social person. I enjoy technology and all the social sides of it. I think my enjoyment comes from the positive energy from others. If you notice when you are around people that have negative energy about others all the time … it gets old. It gets old real quick. Regardless if you agree about some or not, it’s still hard. Lets try to remain positive about negative situations, cherish those people in your life that try to give positive energy back to this world in their own way.

We are so quick to be negative and so slow to be positive. Why do you think that is? It’s easy. We are not utilizing the love in our hearts that God gives us to share our positive energy with that love to others.

I challenge you today, harness that love and push the positive energy from that love to others. Whether it’s holding a door for a stranger, sharing a smile or asking someone how their day is going…be a positive vibe for someone else. Share the Love God puts in each of it.

Do this today, without speaking negative about anything. See how you feel. I promise you will want to do it again tomorrow.

May God bless us all …

1 Peter 4:8