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Matt Black vs Video Gaming Cell phones

As I played with the iPhone, and any Android based phone, I would always have ok fun with games like Angry Birds, or cut the rope, and even Fruit Ninja, but when it came down to any action game or racing game I never was a big fan. Why do you ask? One word…. Controls! Being an old school gamer from way back in the pong and Atari 2600 days, I had a joystick. I have been playing everything with controllers. Even the handheld game boys, game gears, and PSP’s had a controllers. I see my kids using touch screen and moving the whole device like I use to use the old school joysticks with one red button….like a champ! I just dont like it… So what does yours truly do? I go out and research for a gaming phone.

I wanted to upgrade my personal phone and I always told myself I would get the newest I phone when my contract was up, but i didn’t. I have my IPad to play the role of my apple device, and really wanted something I could carry, utilize and also play Dragons Lair with without using the touch screen!

When you begin researching for a smart phone with a gaming controller, you won’t look to long til you find the only Sony Playstation approved cell hone, the Sony Experia Play. With a slide out controller it takes gaming to a whole new level! I was really questioning my sanity for ordering an android phone when I could of picked out an IPhone, but I went with my gut feeling! And I am so glad I did. I know what you are thinking, why would you want a phone to play games on? Ask the 10 million people who have downloaded Angry Birds (probably even you!). It is nice to be able to pull out your phone when you are waiting in a lobby for an appointment, or bored in the traffic jam, or even to burn the last 5 minutes of your lunch break. With the Experia Play you can do that with a slide out controller that is really comfortable in your hand. The system comes pre installed with 5 games, and with Experia programmed Android OS Games for 4.99, how do you beat it? The answer is… You don’t! Only Sony stepped out of the cell phone world and said…hey let’s make a gaming device and a cell phone together. With their success of the Playstation units, I guess they were willing to take a chance. I am not sure if gamers gave it a chance, but after it being out on the market for a bit and more than 250 game library I say go for it. To be honest here, it runs Android software, so the look of it is the same as any android phone, only difference is you are replacing a slide out keyboard for a controller, and yes my friends that rocks!

If your contract is up and it is time for a new phone, and an iPhone is out of the picture… Then I say go with the Experia Play… Especially if you are a gamer. If you are not a maker then just select from the other 982 Android based phones). Until next time friends…. Blacks Out….


The evolution of an MMO

When I stumbled upon this pic, I knew I had to share it. How true is it to see how MMO based games have changed over the years. I still get a little sea sick thinking about the feeling my stomach would get back in the days of Wolfenstein 3d.


Pure disappointment

I am not sure why this single image upsets me like it does……but it does..