Keeper of the Damp Cave


Hello there man. Standing there half damp, your advertising bling shirt pressed with khakis. You always have that slight smile on your face…don’t you? Huh .. Do you smile because you are in control? Yes you do. You know it. Right hand up, begin the motion. Left hand up, begin the opposite motion. And then you realize. Stop! You recognize me. Eye contact through the glass. Yeah it’s me. The same one. I’m watching you with an eye that only an eagle would as it gazes on its prey. I see your soul I’m looking so deep. Blue eyes, yep but I see more. Right hand down, left hand down. I see your concern…you know me. You begin to go limp. I’m in control now. It’s me. I’m have control. Should you even point to the next four steps. I said..You know me. You know I am right on track. I’m always flawless. You know I need no direction from you. No slight right, never slight left, don’t even put your hands up..never. You glance over your shoulder you want to point at the sign, the rollers are pulling me closer. Close enough now where you can see my hazel eyes getting bigger. Don’t tell me I need to be in neutral. Why? I’m done there. Don’t tell me to keep hands off steering wheel. Why? Because both hands are now behind my head. Don’t tell me to keep foot off break. Why? Because it’s on the dash. You know me. You continue to stare. As I roll by close enough to roll my window down and give you a fist bump, i don’t. I look back up. I’m ready to enter oh noble one. I live for this hot wax with shine moment. You know me. I just have you a 20 second break. You want to thank me but you won’t. We will meet again in 4 to 7 days. I mouth the words…as if in slow motion. T h a n k Y o u… time is now. Pull out iPhone for 60 seconds of relaxation before the vacuuming begins.

These Crabtree Chronicles by me will continue. Stay tuned for your next epic status post adventure.

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