The Giver that takes too

Hello. Hello there

Hello there old friend. It’s been a while. Mr or Ms I don’t even know your name. It’s time again because that’s when you try to harass us the most. Cher tells us about you, but no one cares about Cher. Why don’t you care. Why don’t I care you have no name and slip into our souls while we our most vulnerable. Why should I care..because I don’t care what you do, or when you do it.

Looking Forward or Looking Back …What does it even mean anyway? No one understands you anyway. I just used the word anyway two times in two sentences and I know you don’t care. I’m about to do the same with the word care but more. But you don’t care. No one wants to research you. Do you care? Do you care as the people who question why always know what to do because they are reminded by there two thousand three hundred and sixty four Facebook friends. Oh we won’t forget. I won’t forget you. I know you are there because as others rejoice in the fact that they feel you are graciously giving something, I know you take something away. You take something away from our soul. I know you are there. How do ai feel it in my soul? I feel it in the pit of my stomach. I know when I eat my Jimmy Dean microwaveable biscuit. I know when I Alternate one sausage to one chicken. Because even if my Facebook friends forgot to tell me. My stomach would. We don’t care about you as much as you would hope. In past times we would have to change devices. Before we would have to think for several days after…is that right? Now technology doesn’t care what you do either. Technology is on our side. My devices changes without missing a step. Try to go unnoticed but I notice. I know the villain you are. The only thing that doesn’t is the stove. Why are stoves still dumb, because maybethey fear you as I don’t. Fear not, with that extra you have now…go to the kitchen and make a change. A change that will last a while. You are evil. I will see you again in the spring.

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