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Praying the bad away

How easy is it to get mad at someone? Everyone will get angry about something today, and what will they do with the anger? I try to pray my anger away as a Christian and hope to find peace in my prayers and it works! God is the only way, and I know that in my heart. With the evil that is in this world sometimes you begin to ask the question why did this happen, or how could this happen? We will probably never be able to answer that question, and will have to turn to faith.

If you look on any news site today, you will see that there are a lot of bad people in this world doing very bad things. I have had my own battles with not just bad guys, but with close friends saying hurtful things. It is easy to get mad and turn away, but what if we prayed…prayed even for the people who hurt us, or hurt someone we love. Seems very hard at the time, but give it a try. Try to remember the power of prayer and practice it daily. Think of it as praying the bad away.