The Startling Surprise Ending to Amazing Spider-Man #700!

It all comes to an end… or a new beginning.


Warning! There will be SPOILERS in this post! So read at your own peril!

The big, epic, glorious Amazing Spider-Man #700 came out this week, the one Marvel and writer Dan Slott have been hyping for months now. It’s the last issue of Amazing Spider-Man, leading into the brand new Superior Spider-Man next month! So what was the big dramatic change that Dan Slott was promising? Does he really have to hide in a bunker from all the fan anger?

Well, does he?

Not as far as I’m concerned. He doesn’t even have to buy a big hat.

Short answer, I’m disappointed and disinterested.

I’m not angry or filled with a burning need for geeky revenge against Slott. He’s the writer of Spider-Man. He gets to come up with the stories and tell whatever tale he wants. I don’t think he’s ruined Spider-Man forever. But at the same time…

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