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Being the person God knows

As I began looking for my next Sunday Chronicle with Matt Black it came across to just open my heart and relax and let God guide my way. So I did. I began reading some Bible versus on a web site that I enjoy and came across

Proverbs 10:9. The man of integrity walks securely….but he who takes crooked paths will be found out.

When I read that it really stood out to me, and reminded me of a few things. It is easy in this world to get tied up in gossip, rumors, drama and find yourself worrying about things that we probably should not. I realize that is hard to do and easy to say, but let’s be realistic. Have you ever went into anything with a negative mind set, in a down and out way just hoping to get by? I think we all have, and we also know that it probably didn’t turn out as well as we expected. Have we ever stopped to think…I wonder how others see us? What do they think? Do we try and act in a way that makes God happy? Do we witness with our actions as well as our words that come from the heart? Tough questions huh?

I would like to start off by saying I am by no means perfect, and have many faults that only my poor wife knows about and helps me with, which I appreciate more than she will ever know. I don’t think anyone is perfect and there is only one man who has walked on water! We will make mistakes, just get that through your head…but don’t forget it is what you do with those mistakes that make you the person you are. I have said things and done things that I wish I could take back. I have hurt feelings, broken hearts and really done silly things. I can never get those things back, but just pray for forgiveness and hope on the average I do ok!

I am a believer in positive thinking and positive acting. The more you try and do what is right the more it will show the person you are, and also show who you want to be. People see who you are and are not fooled by fake. Eventually your fake will run off and your true colors will shine through. Who will be there then? You hurt your friends, your family and yourself! God will always be there waiting for you to turn back to him with open arms. Our God is a wonderful God and is always there for us. When we make these mistakes people notice. Not only the people you hurt, but the people that are around you. The way you talk, the places you go, the things you talk about in mixed company all effect the way you are perceived. Do we not want to be perceived as a christian? Do we not want to please God in everything we do? Once again so easy to say…harder to do!

I feel like sometimes we take things personal and try to digg at it find answers when they are none. At those times are when we should say a quick prayer for strength and to ask God to walk with us, beside us to help. We are all human, we will make these mistakes but try to remain positive. God know your heart. He understands you. He knows what kind of real person you are. Why not try and show others the true you? The loving, caring true you? It will affect everyone around you in a positive way. I challenge you to make a change to forgive and forget. Give your heart back to the man who made it. Show this new you to others. It will not be easy and just try to take baby steps. Start off with trying to be more friendly to strangers, or maybe say a thank you sometime when you normally would not. How bout an extra I love you to that special person n your life.

If you are truely living for God, things will happen… I promise! If your heart is not right, nothing else will be. That is the challenging part, to make sure you re-dedicate your heart and try to get through another day.

It is never to late to change who you are on the inside and out. Witness to others that Christians are strong, but never perfect. Be humble admit mistakes, pray the bad away and start again the next day. People will see things in you that you don’t notice. Think about how many people you come in contact with in one day. Remind yourself do that and try to do the right things, because the bad comes out so easy for people to see. The good is overlooked a lot.

Wouldn’t everyone agree that life is to short to not be happy? Reach out, smile, love and live for God!

Thank you)

A movie that will go un noticed…

I had to give a shout out to the new movie Chronicle. As you well know I am into the comic book, or superhero movies and thought I needed to give this one a try. I must say I was not disappointed. The only thing that really disappoints me is that I think people will not give it a chance when they hear it was shot as if one of the guys had a video camera and was recording what happened to them after they came in contact with a meteor.

I promise it is not bad! Blair witch project and Cloverfield both made me motion sick! This one I really forgot about it. Give it a shot! We need new ideas in movies like this!

I feel like this is just a modern day Ugly Duckling story….but it seems people thought it was to offensive and forced Hasbro to remove. At least you tried Hasbro….


We are gathered here today to mourn the loss of Derpy Hooves.

If you’re reading this, then we suspect that you already know who she was; but if not, let me tell you the tale of one special little pony.

Derpy was a recurring background character on the popular cartoon, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. She was originally un-named, but an animation error in the second part of the series premiere left her with characteristic “Derpy” eyes. When Internet fans began posting stills from the show to point out the mistake, Derpy became an Internet sensation. And as Derpy began to draw more attention, the show’s fans gave her a name: Derpy Hooves. Afterward, the familiar derp-eyed pony began making frequent appearances in the background of many episodes.

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Fans were overjoyed when she had her first speaking role in the Season 2…

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