I want you to wear something tommorrow…..

The beauty about God is that you never know when he will put something on your heart that may help others. Last Sunday I was motivated to give a weekly devotion to God under Matt Blacks Sunday chronicles. When I did my post last Sunday, it was natural and felt good and I had all kinds of ideas and thoughts in my head about what to talk about. This Sunday I couldn’t figure out why I couldn’t figure out what I wanted to blog about, so I didn’t. I now know that it didn’t come to my heart about what to talk about until today when God gave me a friend who thought he was calling me for help with his problem, but in reality he was helping me.

We began talking about the pure evil in the world and how can some people be so cruel. Not only how can they be that bad, but how can we help ourselves with the thoughts and nightmares that may come with the introduction of this evil. I told him that prayer and faith in God to help him through the hard times is the only true answer, but it is not that easy sometimes. Sometimes you really have to buckle down and stay strong and know that not only do we live for God but we work for God also. God is the ultimate boss and he knows these times when it is tough because he knows us, and what we will go though before we even know it’s happening. As I browsed through bible versus about strength and being strong when you feel weak, I found the famous armor of God verse. And thought to myself, the answer is easy try to put on your armor of God, not just when you think you will need it, but how about putting it on every day to be ready for the tough times you may face. Be prepared, pray harder when things are going well and remind yourself that the devil is always around and he will try to sneak upon you. Be prepared for that, because you know it is coming.

I wish I would have told you this before I let you go off the phone, but I will say it now. Every morning I will put one leg in my pants at a time, and remember to put on my Godly armor as well because we never know what monsters we will face today. Remember those monsters are just Satans minions trying to get to you, and make you weak. Don’t let it!

Funny thing about about typing the word Satans is that auto correct wanted to change it to satin, how sweet is that. Satan is not even tough enough to be his own correct spelled word.

Satan is a chump, and I am not afraid to say it, because you know what I am wearing…do you have yours on? Put it on daily with prayer and we will fight together my friend…..God bless…



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  1. Good stuff, will have to put the that verse on my dresser so I read it when I dress. Thanks.

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