Android Camera Apps. .. FTW!

#1. SilentCam

Unless you turn your phone’s sound off entirely the Android camera is incredibly loud and this android camera apps is specially designed for the more quiet type.
Installing the SilentCam app is a great way to cut out the obnoxious shutter sound without having to flip through the Phone and make sure everything is on silent mode.

#2. PicPlz

Meant to rival Instagram which is only available on the Apple iPhone, PicPlz is an addictive photo editing app that allows you an incredible amount of freedom to alter your images.
Even ones saved in the phone before you install the app can be adjusted using it.

#3. QikCam

If you’ve ever hated having to struggle to get to your camera while the moment to take the photo slips away you’ll love QikCam.
This free Android Camera apps allows you to take a snapshot by simply clicking its button on the phone’s desktop.
It even lets you do the same for video shooting.
Perfect for those who prefer candid photography (especially coupled with the SilentCam).
QikCam is one of the most used Android Camera apps in the world.

#4. Photo Grid

This Android Camera apps can be perceived as being a bit benign but it has its uses.
Photo Grid lets you make collages out of the images on your phone and save them as new ones.
The collages can be changed around after the fact too. Perfect for people who might just want to put a couple pics together.

#5. QuickPic

I don’t know about you but I find the Android gallery app to be pretty cumbersome and not very efficient. QuickPic is a beefed up version of it that allows you to better organize your photography and get to your albums and pictures quicker, as the name implies.QuickPic is one of the most famous Android Camera Apps which really worth trying out.



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