Matt Black vs The Jack O Lantern

As i was driving down Emory Road today I saw a place selling giant pumpkins which got me thinking about how evil Halloween is, but at the same time how much fun it was as a kid to carve pumpkins

and make Jack O Lanterns.  I remember Always wanting our Jack O Lanterns to last til Thanksgiving, but Mom would make us thrown them away when they started looking bad.  It was funny how we would always

try to top each others Design and mine always looked the same, lol.  I finally found some cool carving kits that we have found over the past few years for around 10 bucks that are like Stencils for the Pumpkins.  I feel

really big and bad now when I actually have a cool looking Pumpkin.  Stay tuned for this years real pumpkin photos, but until then get ready with these cool pics I found! Some Neat Ideas….


Oh.. And if you really wanna research where Jack O Lanterns came from head on over to’-lantern and learn away. Amazing the amount you can learn about Jack O Lanterns.


Black Out


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