Daily Archives: September 25, 2011

Dark knight returns, cat woman pics

We all know the dark knight Batman series has a new movie coming out introducing cat woman. Looks like some people got some quick pics of Anne Hathaway (cat woman), Christian Bale batman) on the set in L.A. Here are the pics cut for your viewing…






Life is like a crane machine

Don’t act like you haven’t been there Dads of the world…that 1.00 item in the crane machine that you spend 5 dollars on it because you know the next 50 cents is going to make the difference and you will become the super dad! Well I was so close to that honor, when I hook the pink arm bands in the only spot that they could possibly get stuck…….sigh…


God is great!


Matt Black vs 48 hours of solitary confinement (last 24)

So I am on the home stretch with the last 24 hours of taking I easy, and to be honest it is killing me. My tv watching went from movies to Tv series. Looked around at different ones, and found one that caught my eye. Breaking Bad was on Netflix and from talking to a friend of mine he said it was a pretty good series. I am in to episode 10 or so now and just like the movie yesterday, it is a series that you wonder why you are still watching, but you do! The real series starts tomorrow night called Terra Nova, so set your DVR’s! It’s going to rock!

It is 0947 and I’m going to church after my first shower in 47 hours….I almost held out for the entire 48). Hopefully everyone will have a wonderful Sunday, praise the Lord for he is the way! May God bless you!

Black out…