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Like A Boss… uh I mean Bus!

Matt Black vs 48 hours of solitary confinement (the first 24)

Back to the blogs again, I say. Praise our Lord that I feel like doing anything, since Doctor said I would be in pain, and I’m afraid to take the pain medication, so Ibuprofen will do the trick! . I had minor surgery on Friday which put me sleeping on and off all day so I kind of feel like it is 9 am instead of 4. I can’t do much of anything except sit on the couch for 48 hours, not even my computer chair…sigh. With kids playing and not wantin to sit on the couch with dad, and no Everquest at the PC then what am I going to do. It has to be movies and Netflix, and an occasional whine to the wife for some sympathy, lol. So I figured let’s share my 48 hours of couch time with you. What would you do?

Movies started out with Donnie Darko. Why did I start with this one? I remembered this movie from a long time ago, but didn’t remember a whole lot about it. With a huge star cast line, I thought I would give it another shot. Let’s just say that it is not a movie to watch while you are still sleepy from surgery. I see why that movie didn’t do so hot at the box office, weird but I couldn’t stop watching. It took two times though and I dont think I still understand it. So if anyone could help me with interpretation I would be appreciated. if you haven’t watched it, then please do..just so u can say. What was that? With me…

Second movie of the day I stuck with my blu ray and did Xmen firs class.. Awesome movie that shows ow the Xmen started. It is neat to see a young Xavier before the wheelchair and a Magneto that had good in his heart. Fun for the whole family! Awesome special effects, good story line. Everyone will like this one, xMen knowledge is not a must, but just makes it deeper if you have a little idea about who they are.

Side note…who thinks it is weird that at 73 on the thermostat I feel like I’m in Hawaii and turning it 2 whole degrees down to 71 I feel like I’m freezing to death. Two degrees…seriously? Stand by I’m up arrowing to 72 and turning off fan….

Third movie, I am feeling some Batman! So let’s start with the best one and skip batman begins….bring on The Dark Knight. Watching it again reminds me how good of a role Heath Ledger played the joker. By this time, the kids are back in the living room with me doing crafts, and asking a ton of Batman questions, I love it because I. Feel so smart, lol! Im a hero for my Batman knowledge

Ok everyone is now in bed and I am awake. Time for some documentaries! Netflix has some great ones, I just wish they would add more, I am about to start re watching some. As a matter of fact let’s do Jesus story. It makes me feel good and I could never know enough about our blessed. Savior)

Time for sleep…. First 24 hours down..Saturday will bring some football which will be fun, and probably will watch some alien movies…see ya later for part two!

Black out…