Daily Archives: September 7, 2011

Hooking up a second machine to your Comcast internet connection (via JAWS)

I signed up for Comcast internet a few months ago and was quite disturbed to learn that connecting to the internet required installing their Comcast Internet software. Visually, their software doesn't do anything except for change your Firefox homepage (and if you are on a Mac, then it will make it so you can't change it back) and add a bunch of shortcuts to your desktop. I brought my work computer home today and tried to connect to my wired Ethe … Read More

via JAWS

Matt Black Vs Constructideath

and you thought construction zones were bad…at least you didn’t have to face the Contructideath monster! Terrorizing soccer moms and truck drivers!


Double console epicness

Ran across this guys mod of his PS3 and Xbox…truly awesome pic!