Daily Archives: September 6, 2011

Bring back the TREX

It appears jurassic park is coming back to the big screen with all it’s greatness! Before it’s Blue ray release It has been re amped for theaters. I want IMAX Dinosaurs!


Top 50 Ipad Tips

I saved the top 50 Ipad tips I found on Tech Radar! Great site, and now saved to 2 PDF’s so you may view, or print easy.

Page 1 of 50 really useful iPad tips

Page 2 of 50 really useful iPad tips

Angry birds are not allowed


Hilarious notice at the movie theater.  Good witty fun Sprint!

Interesting Gamer Stats

I think it is great that there are more adults playing video games than kids!  Also interesting that 67% of households play video games.  All kinds of neat stats to check out.  And dont forget that 40 percent of gamers are female! CLICK ON PICS BELOW TO ENLARGE

The Way a Ghost works

I have always been curious about how the Pac Man Ghosts work on the old school Pacman.  Luckily I found this to keep you from having to look.  Very interesting!  Cick the title below to Check out the PDF…

Understanding Pac-Man Ghost Behavior