Matt Black vs The Jabba Fire Pit

As i woke up that Memorial Day I had flashes of an epic battle in the back yard.  It consisted of a shovel, dirt, Landscaping Stones, Hammer and some kind of make shift chisel.  I knew at that moment that I was going to take down this evil villian called The Jabba Fire Pit!  After doing several You Tube searches and HGTV web site visits I finally convinced myself to go dig a hole and make that fire pit!  To be perfectly honest, it was not that bad.  And I will tell you that this battle was won in 5 easy steps..

Step 1 —  Dig a hole approximately 12 inches deep in a circular pattern

Step 2 —  Using a level and sand or fine dirt, lay your ground scaping stone in a cirle inside of the hole you just dug, be sure to use the dirt or sand underneath the stones and use your level to make them all level

Step 3 —  Add a second row of landscaping stone on top of your first level

Step 4 —  Put your excess sand in the bottom of pit, throw in some wood, strike a match and its marshmellow time!

To add a little flare to your pit, you can turn  your landscaping stones out to make it more decorative.  Notice in the pictures how I made both layers opposite.

Now you have your own fire pit, ENJOY! or bring some hot dogs to our house:)

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