Matt Black vs. The Iphone mom

So my mom has finally gotten with the in crowd and got herself a smart phone. Now she didnt just jump from a flip phone to a touch screen, or a touch screen to a droid. She went all out! Had to be an Iphone! So now she cannot only talk to Jill and Patsy all day, but email, text and send them pictures to!  I enjoyed laughing with her and showing her what to do.  As I sat there at the kitchen table showing her how to do the basic things on an Iphone like call, text, take pictures, I had just showed her how to add a contact.  So step by step I have her enter the information and the numbers and then save it. She had it down pat she thought. Wow how easy is this! I told her these things were not hard.  So when all is done I have her go back to the home page.  Ok now is the time Mom! Let me see your Stuff!  I patiently awaited her going to contacts, and then adding someone when she pulled her finger up slowly to screen, went right over the contact icon app and then pushed……..The camera!  As she is sitting there looking at the kitchen table on her screen she makes the comment, now where is that button to add someone…..I shake my head and shoot out a quick Iphone user prayer (Not sure if he listens to those much but for mom sake..I hope he does! LOL )  But anyways after 2 hours of non stop talk, I hope she can figure out how at least call if she needs to!

So today I tell you , be thankful for moms, even if they have Iphone problems! Love ya MOM!


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